Give Dental Repairs A Solid Foundation With A Healthy Mouth

added on: September 10, 2012

If you were building a home, you wouldn’t want to make the investment only to find it was built over a sinkhole. The same applies to having necessary periodontal (gum) treatment prior to restorative work (crowns, bridges, fillings, partials, etc.).

For example, say you need a new bridge. Placing it in a mouth that is compromised by gum disease is a recipe for failure. This is because the damage of gum disease can cause the crowned teeth supporting the bridge to fail.

Since there are no obvious symptoms in its initial stages, some people are unaware they have gum disease. Like many diseases, such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes, symptoms are not apparent in early stages and people are unaware they exist. When symptoms do emerge, however, it is because the disease is well underway and the body’s immune system can no longer combat its progression.

This is also the case with periodontal disease. As the amount of oral bacteria become greater than your defenses can handle, it destroys healthy bone and tissue. You likely won’t notice a problem exists until symptoms are obvious. Early symptoms include persistent bad breath, sore gums that bleed when brushing, receded gums that expose tender tooth roots, and gum tissue that is red in color rather than a healthy pink.

In our office, we use a dental laser to destroy the bacteria of gum disease. This technology also speeds the process and heightens your comfort, saving you treatment time with faster healing. We’ll be happy to explain the process during a no-cost consultation. Call toll free 1-855-9-Smiles to schedule a time convenient to you.

To protect your investment when it comes to dental repairs, start with a healthy foundation for many years of smiling comfort and confidence!

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