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added on: August 2, 2016

Most people have a specific event coming up in their lives that prompts them to ‘go for it’ when it comes to smile enhancements. For some, it’s a class reunion or a loved one’s wedding. Some patients share that they are back in the dating scene while others are preparing for a special birthday.

Yes, smiles surround many memorable times in our lives. There are many reasons to have our smile look its best, which tends to provide a boost both inside and out. Not only does a smile have a significant affect on your overall facial appearance, feeling good about smiling causes people to smile more often.

An added bonus is that smiling triggers the release of a brain chemical known as Endorphins. This chemical effects mood, in a good way! It’s your ‘natural high,’ and all it takes is a smile! Research has even shown that smiling when you don’t feel like it has the same effect.DrB Pt Mirror copy

Unfortunately, people who have teeth that are discolored or flaws such as chips, breaks, decay or crooked teeth cause people to hold back on smiling fully. Many will conceal their smile with a hand or smile with lips only.

Sharing a full, exuberant smile projects a happy, confident individual. And, apparently, simply makes us feel good inside and out! While some smile enhancement procedures are more costly than others, your smile’s appearance can be greatly improved with very affordable options as well .

  • Whitening: Whitening teeth tends to conceal flaws and give the appearance of a healthy, well maintained smile. While drug store whitening kits are easy to use, the degree of whitening they give is fairly minor – and short-lived. Because these temporary lighteners are needed more frequently, the investment you make can end up being quite a sum. In our office, we offer the Zoom 2 Whiting System. This gives an in-office degree of whitening that takes about an hour. It provides a much more effective whitening that will last a long time.
  • Bonding: While the ideal option for reshaping teeth is porcelain (crowns or veneers), bonding is a durable, appealing way to correct flaws without the expense. Bonding material is applied to teeth to repair chips, breaks or gaps. In some cases, it can lengthen teeth or even out crooked angles. Shade matching will provide you with a natural look that blends well with surrounding teeth.
  • Porcelain Veneers: For teeth that show most in a smile, porcelain veneers are the ‘gold standard’ of smile enhancement options. They are durable, require minimal disruption to your natural tooth and have excellent longevity. Best of all, however, each veneer is custom-created to give you the look you want with a highly-natural look and feel. Only you (and me!) will know you weren’t born with your beautiful smile!
  • Cleaning & Polishing: When a mouth hasn’t received sufficient at-home care or regular dental cleanings, it shows. Regardless of the shape or shade of your teeth, a smile that looks clean and healthy is an asset to facial appearance. A clean mouth also promotes fresh breath. When oral bacteria are at minimal levels, being close to others is easy when you know your breath reflects your high oral hygiene standards.

To learn the benefits of aesthetic dentistry, visit: for a summary of today’s options. I am also available to discuss your smile and potential fees. Call to request a no-cost, no-obligation consultation appointment. We’ll be happy to explain payment options that are interest-free with no down payment required.

So, enjoy your class reunion or your daughter’s wedding with a smile you are elated to share! By projecting confidence and joy, you’ll show your best – from the inside out! Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to schedule.

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