Afraid Of Dental Visits? I Can Relate.

added on: July 11, 2016

My entire team and I take much pride in providing our patients an office where all their dental needs are met, for every age or need. To support this, we have incorporated advanced technology and stay on the cutting edge of the latest techniques and materials.

Yet, if we were not fully committed to ensuring that each patient has a gentle, comfortable experience, all the advancements in the world would not overcome this one basic need for each individual… the expectation that they’ll experience NO PAIN.

Having fear associated with dental visits can affect both genders and at any age. Although many adults experience no fear at all, over 60% of Americans are said to have some level of dental fear or anxiety.

Many fearful adults are unaware of what prompted their fears associated with dentistry. Others can pinpoint it’s origin, often due to a traumatic experience in the past. Often to blame is a rushed, rough dentist who could  sense their patient’s discomfort but continued regardless.

In this office, our goal is to provide exceptional care and optimal comfort. We pace each procedure so it is comfortable for the patient so they come to expect a gentle touch, not pain. This, in conjunction with our advanced technology, adds to procedural comfort while providing excellent results.

I believe one of the reasons that I, personally, am so committed to helping fearful patients is because I have an immense fear of dogs. While many friends with cuddly, gentle dogs coax me to see their precious pets as they do – sweet, loyal and beloved members of their families – my fears simply hang on.

So, I understand when people arrive shaking, some near tears. Others are just nervous until they get into the treatment chair. I can see their white-knuckled grip as they try to put on a brave face. Like my doggy owner friends, the gentle dentist I know myself to be wants to tell them it’s okay and to just relax. But, my scared-of-dogs side puts me on the same wavelength. I truly get it.

Fear is fear. It can be as uncontrollable as shivering when it’s cold or sweating when it’s hot and humid. Somehow, it becomes so deeply rooted that ‘just releasing it’ is an absurd expectation. It’s like telling someone who is clinically depressed to just snap out of it.

This is why we offer Oral or I.V. Sedation for patients who prefer to have treatment while in a sleep-like state. As an added bonus, both sedation options erase most (if not all) memory of treatment afterward. With either option, you are closely monitored by a trained staff member who uses approved safety equipment throughout your treatment.

I often suggest that patients first try Oral Sedation. Oral Sedation has a quick recovery and, in pill form, is taken prior to your arrival at our office. This means that, by the time you enter our office, you’re already in a relaxed state.

Once you are seated in a treatment chair, the medication has taken full effect and you are totally relaxed. This also puts fearful patients in an relaxed state for numbing medications.

Because I.V. Sedation is also known as ‘twilight sleep,’ some patients prefer it, especially since it is more familiar to them. I.V. Sedation creates a deeper level of relaxation to the point of dozing. Some people are less inclined towards I.V. Sedation because it requires needles to administer. Others prefer I.V. sedation since, for them, intravenous delivery is a non-issue.

We have patients with no dental fears who opt for Oral Sedation during long procedures. Because it enhances relaxation, several appointments can be combined into one, longer visit, leaving the patient feeling refreshed after. For those with busy schedules or limited time, this greatly reduces treatment time.

Probably the best part of being a dentist is when I see a patient who was once highly fearful who now walks in with a happy, confident smile. I know this is because our patients come to trust us to ensure their comfort at all times.DrB Pt Mirror copy

If you have dental fears, you CAN achieve a healthy, confident smile without feeling scared or anxious. Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to begin. We will start with a free, no-obligation consultation so I can learn about your needs and help you know more about our commitment to your comfort.

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