Are You Smiling Without Showing Your Teeth?

added on: January 27, 2014

A patient who recently completed some implant dentistry and new crowns on several teeth made a statement that we hear often. She said she now smiles with her teeth showing, whereas before, she had taught herself to smile with her lips only.

A smile is a major part of your facial appearance. When your teeth are crooked, chipped, missing or discolored, you feel self-conscious, or even “embarrassed to smile,” as this patient admitted. This ‘holding back’ can affect how close you get to others when speaking or laughing as well as your confidence level on the job or in social settings.

A full, healthy smile complements your facial features and projects a positive, outgoing person. For those who feel they can’t afford procedures to improve their smile, we offer several payment options that allow you to make interest-free payments with no down payment required.

If you’re ‘holding back,’ then all you have to do is begin with a free consultation. We’ll discuss what’s going to work best for your needs and various options.

However, having a terrific smile is also a decision we make, a priority in our lives that speaks volumes. Not long ago, a patient was nearly in tears because she “couldn’t afford” a badly needed a new bridge and several crowns. This would have protected remaining natural teeth and given her an appealing smile. As she was leaving, my Assistant complimented her boots. The patient replied, “Oh, I got these last year when I was in Paris!”

It boils down to what’s truly important to each individual. If you’re one who understands the daily benefits of a smile you love, then call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles.



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