As Your Dentist, I’m NEVER Too Busy For YOU!

added on: September 13, 2011

I recently had a new patient come to our office because she felt her former Dentist was always so rushed. She told me that every time she saw him, it seemed he was too busy to discuss her concerns or answer her questions in a way she could fully understand. How sad, both for the patient and for the Dentist, whom I know to be a skilled practitioner.

The feelings this new patient shared with me reminded me of how I once felt at a physician’s office. It is not only frustrating, it is disrespectful to the patient. This is why we are so committed to providing our patients with ample time at each appointment so we can give you our full attention during that time.

On the other hand, if you have issues you’d like to discuss and you are running behind, simply ask for a no-cost Consultation. Or, you can call to request one. We’ll sit down in our Consultation room and go over the areas you’d like addressed. I’ll answer your questions so you’ll understand your choices thoroughly.

I believe dentistry goes much deeper than teeth, gums, and the supporting bones and muscles. Dentistry is also a relationship between our care and your needs, needs that are not always obvious. We need your communication to make this process the very best so your involvement here is as wonderful as your smile!

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