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added on: February 4, 2021

A beautiful smile is always an asset, at any age. To project a positive, more-youthful image, whitening teeth is one of the most affordable ways to get closer to the smile that’s a compliment to every individual.

Teeth whitening is popular for many reasons in addition to appearance. A whiter smile can give an impression of well-tended oral health. Too, white, bright teeth can project a more youthful appearance. As adults age, years of staining can turn teeth to yellow or brown. This discoloration occurs most often from coffee, tea, red wine, colas and tobacco, but can also result from trauma or antibiotics.

An added perk? When you feel good about the appearance of your smile, you’ll probably smile more often. This is good for your mood! Scientific research has shown that the act of smiling actually creates a boost in happiness. Smiling causes the brain to release ‘endorphins,’ which are chemicals in the brain that cause a bit of a ‘natural high!’

Obviously, a smile is an asset in many ways. As a Macomb County dentist, I have chosen a whitening system for our patients that is safe and provides long-term, beautiful results. Zoom 2 is an in-office process that provides dramatically white results, yet is comfortable even for people who have sensitive gums.

There are many promotions for ‘drug store’ whitening kits that may seem like good options because they are less expensive. However, like anything, there is a ‘value’ that comes with these products that is short-lived with minimal results. And, the process, overdone, can even be detrimental to the life of natural teeth.

For the price of several of these over-the-counter systems, our Zoom 2 patients receive exceptional results in:

• Safety and sensitivity – Because Zoom 2 is administered in a dental office under a dentist’s supervision, the safety of your teeth and gums (an important part of the process) is carefully monitored. Trying to maximize the level of whiteness through a kit’s limited potential is risky. Zoom 2 is designed to create minimal, if any, sensitivity to gum tissues and is safe for both teeth and gums. When store-bought kits’ directions are not followed to the letter, you risk the well-being of your smile. Because damage to tooth enamel or gum tissues can be costly to repair, it’s best to rely on a dental professional.

• Longevity of whitening – When you whitening your teeth, you certainly don’t want to lose the level of brightness achieved after just a few months. Yet, that can happen when you use kits that only tackle surface discoloration. Although we advise our Zoom 2 patients to take measures to lessen the staining effects of red wine, coffee and blueberries, the longevity of their whitening results is far beyond what OTC kits offer. While ‘boxed’ systems only treat surface stains, Zoom 2 gets beneath the tooth’s surface to lighten opalescence and luminosity. This gives a whiter, brighter smile for a long time.

• A Quick, Simple Process – While many store-bought kits require a brief amount of time, the process can require time spent every day (or sleeping in goopy trays) for a week or more to accomplish a noticeable degree of whitening. Our Zoom 2 process takes about an hour. You sit back, relax and we do the rest!
 Certainly, over the counter whitening aids (including toothpaste, floss, strips, and home bleaching systems) all give some degree of whitening with continual use. However, whitening results are more significant (and advised) under a dentist’s supervision.

• Degree of whitening – If you have only mild surface yellowing, a drug store whitening kit may be all you need. However, to truly make a difference in teeth that have yellowed, grayed or browned or those with deeper stains, a professional level of whitening is needed. The Zoom 2 process is designed to go deeper in the tooth and lighten beyond what is just surface staining. The one-hour Zoom 2 system tackles very deep stains to provide a significant level of white. Too, we carefully oversee the degree of whiteness for results that provide a naturally white smile. Some things we can advise patients on include:
(1) Age: Because it is normal for teeth to become duller and discolored as we age, bleaching too light can create a fake, ‘day-glo’ look;
 (2) Complexion: Your natural skin color and your teeth should have similar undertones. For example, pink skin undertones are complemented by teeth that retain some blue or gray. Someone with olive skin has a more flattering reflection when teeth have ivory undertones; (3) Current Shade: Making teeth whiter and whitest doesn’t mean your smile will look better and best. When whitening occurs gradually during the bleaching process, the extent of change may not seem as dramatic as what has actually occurred; and, (4) Added longevity: After bleaching, we advise Zoom 2 patients to extend their new luster even further by simple things such as swishing with water after drinking staining beverages, such as tea, coffee, colas and wine.

The ultimate goal for our dental patients is to help each achieve good oral health. Once achieved, thorough at-home care and regular check-ups help to minimize problems, greatly reducing the time and expenses needed for future dental repairs. It also allows patients to enjoy fresher breath, healthier teeth, and a smile that lasts a lifetime.

With Zoom 2, your whiter, brighter smile can be just an hour away! Call our complete care dental office in Shelby Twp at 586-739-2155 to learn more.

Valentine’s Day Hint: Looking for a perfect gift for that special someone? Call to arrange a Zoom II whitening as a gift certificate!


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