Why Our Technology Enhances Your Dental Implant Treatment

added on: January 26, 2021

It’s becoming a distant memory of yesteryear for those who can recall the “bunny ears” that sat on the tops of televisions. Used to pick up broadcast signals, many baby boomers recall childhood viewing required adjusting the extended rods of antenna or adding aluminum foil for a clear (but often black & white) picture.

Technology has come a long way. Television sets now pick up satellite signals from outer space or scan wide distances to access signals from the airwaves. The components inside most TVs now utilize wifi accessibility to access built-in software for hundreds of networks.

Think about your dentistry when it comes to technology, too. The once-blurry x-rays have been replaced by clearer, on-screen imaging. Tiny cameras can now be used to transmit images inside the mouth as the patient watches on a large screen, revealing cracks in teeth, areas of recession, and gum inflammation.

Even more detailed is advanced Cone Beam 3D imaging. This offers a unique view of all angles of oral structures, including nerves, bones, muscles and airway passages (including sinuses). These images can also show deep stages of infection or interferences from neighboring tooth roots.

But, what does this mean when it comes to having dental implants placed?

The intricate views afforded by a cone beam enable us to select the dental implant type that’s best suited for you. It also aids in determining the best position and angle for each implant based on factors a basic “bite wing” can’t reveal. Positioning is especially important when it comes to dental implants. When an implant is placed at an improper depth or angle, it can lead to future problems and even implant failure.

For example, for people who have lost bone mass (typically due to years of missing natural teeth), Cone Beam 3D images clearly reveal existing bone depth as well as the position of the nerve that runs horizontally across the lower jaw bone (the mandible).

For the upper jaw (or maxilla), these images show the bone’s proximity to the sinuses. These factors are taken into consideration for implant type selection as well as the possible need for bone rebuilding procedures prior to placement.

It’s not just our cone beam technology that adds to the overall success and comfort of patients undergoing dental implant treatment. In our Shelby Township dental office, adults find an impressive array of advanced technology. One that’s especially important for dental implants is our dental laser.

The Nd: YAG Dental Laser eliminates or greatly minimizes bleeding during procedures, reduces numbing requirements, removes bacteria and easily uncovers gum tissue where implants have been placed. Because the laser seals tissue as it goes, this means patient comfort is enhanced and healing time is faster.

For shaping gum tissues surrounding implant restorations (the teeth attached to the implants), laser dentistry can also quickly and beautifully re-contour with a precision line for a natural look.

As a Shelby Twp dentist, I’m also a neuromuscular dentist. I’ve had hundreds of hours of advanced training in all aspects that relate to proper bite alignment, including the interaction of cranio-facial structures (including bones, muscles, nerves, and joints). With this unique understanding, I’ve extended my commitment to our patients through highly-advanced technology. This enables me to evaluate the ideal height and position for restorations.

Correct and precise measurements give our patients an advantage to avoid problems that can result from misaligned teeth. This includes jaw joint soreness, headaches, migraines, ear ringing, dizziness (or vertigo) and broken or chipped teeth.

Poor occlusion (your ‘bite’ position) literally affects quality of life (through physical comfort, maintain healthy teeth and ability to bite and chew sufficiently). Rather than checking a patient’s bite through ‘articulating paper,” we use TekScan technology.

TekScan (or T-Scan) is a digital system that analyzes occusion. Not only does T-Scan show where bite contact is made, it is the only technology that shows the measured force and the timing of occlusal surfaces coming together.

This technology is a benefit for dental implants by optimizing implant placement positions. It also helps to extend the longevity of crowns and bridges as well as the need for repeat visits. Our implant patients also like to see their bite data on the screen, which provides greater understand of how the forces on the screen correlate to what they feel in their mouths.

While all of these features help to reduce treatment time and optimize results, we are especially sensitive to the need for patient comfort, at all times throughout every appointment. Here, our dental office offers oral sedation as well as IV sedation.

Also referred to as sleep dentistry or twilight sleep,” these options provide total relaxation throughout dental procedures, erasing most or all memory of the procedure afterwards. Once the sedative has taken effect, we then administer numbing medications to ensure optimal and complete comfort.

For both Oral and IV Sedation, patients are carefully monitored by trained staff and safety equipment throughout. We are committed to patient safety at all times, during all procedures.

Our Macomb County dental office is also structured to provide all stages of implant dentistry in one comfortable location. Your care is overseen – start to finish – by team members who work in unison to provide a positive experience throughout your care.

While we’re very proud of the technology we offer, I have to admit that our staff members are hands-down one of the greatest assets we offer. Most have been with our dental office for well over ten years (and some for over 20 years!). Each team member shares a compatible commitment to providing exceptional care that is ethical, respectful, gentle and skilled. After all, we would want the very same for ourselves and our loved ones and feel you deserve to experience this just as much.

There are many choices for individuals seeking to replace missing teeth with dental implants. However, your choice of dental office can have much to do with your future well-being and even your ability to enjoy your implants for a lifetime of healthy, confident smiles. Begin with a free consultation to learn about our office, our advanced approach to care, and our commitment to you!

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