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added on: March 18, 2019

You may know that no two people have the same fingerprints, even identical twins. However, you may find it particularly interesting that fingerprints are formed in the womb, as the result of amniotic fluid pressure, in the first trimester.

People are different in many ways. We all have different hair, eyes, and smiles. These genetic traits combine to give each person an individual appearance. However, what we ‘feel’ makes us individuals isn’t always what makes us feel confident or attractive.

For example, people who were born with curly hair but don’t really like it can have straightening techniques done to make them happier with the texture. For those with vision challenges, they can have corrective procedures performed to eliminate the need for eye glasses they feel detracts from their appearance.

For people who have teeth that mar the appearance of their smile, there are many ways to overcome these flaws and transform it to a confident, beautiful smile.

There are just as many reasons to do so, as well.

• Smiling improves your mood – Research has found that the act of smiling causes endorphins, (mood enhancing chemicals in the brain) to release. This has shown to occur even faking a smile.

• Smiling makes us look younger – Smiling pulls facial muscles upward and smooths out facial sags, providing a bit of a mini-face lift.

• Smiling improves lifespan – Research has shown that people who smile more frequently tend to have longer lives (up to ten years longer!) than people who frown more often.

• Beautiful, healthy smiles send a positive message – When teeth and gums are balanced in a smile – and appear healthy – research has shown that the individual is perceived as more successful, happy, more social, and approachable.

However, what is ‘natural’ and complementary for one person can differ significantly from what is flattering for another. It takes advanced training and skills to determine what will enhance each person’s facial appearance. This is why an experienced cosmetic dentist is so necessary for an individualized approach that works ideally for each.

In advanced treatment planning for cosmetic dentistry, I not only carefully consider the shape, shade and size of the teeth. The shape and health of gum tissues must also be included in treatment planning. Similar to the frame of a photo, the gum tissues that arch each tooth must be balanced to the tooth AND the gum tissues arching neighboring teeth. This helps to give the smile a well-proportioned smile line.

When gum tissues above each tooth are at different levels, it’s like looking at a wall with 3 of the same-sized windows. If the first two are framed by ceiling-to-floor drapes and the last one has only a narrow valance at the top, the windows would seem imbalanced and mismatched. It’s the same with the gum tissues that ‘frame’ each tooth.

Having a balanced smile line, which includes the look of teeth and gums in unity, is what will ultimately provide you with a smile that truly enhances your appearance. You can see there is more to a smile than just teeth!

Not only have I completed the highest levels of advanced training in cosmetic dentistry at one of the nation’s most renowned teaching institutes (LVI Institute), I’ve also received advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry. This enables me to incorporate proper bite alignment into treatment to lower the risks for future pitfalls associated with bite disparities.

Bite alignment is perhaps more important than many people perceived. Here’s why…

When teeth are not in proper alignment, stress and strain can be transferred to the jaw joints (commonly referred to as TMJ). These are the joints just in front of each ear that connect the lower jaw to the skull. If they are not rotating with ease and harmony in their sockets, problems can emerge.

Incorporating proper bite techniques into esthetic enhancements helps our patients avoid many of the problems associated with TMJ Disorders. These problems, which can emerge years later, include headaches, migraines, chipped or worn teeth, night-time clenching or grinding, ear ringing, or dizziness.

As a comprehensive care dental office conveniently located in Shelby Township, we offer a full menu of options to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. And, we are committed to using modern techniques and highest-grade materials to provide exceptional results, including:

Whiteners – Far beyond the capabilities of ‘drug store’ whitening kits, our Zoom II whitening system gives a superior level of whitening with excellent longevity in about an hour. Unlike store-bought whitening kits, Zoom II provides a high degree of whitening without the need for frequent touch-ups needed.

Porcelain Crowns & Veneers – For esthetics, we prefer porcelain because of its highly-natural look and feel for enhancing teeth. Porcelain gives the luminosity and opalescence like that of teeth. It is superior for its longevity and staining resistance compared to any material in cosmetic dentistry. Porcelain crowns and veneers can beautifully recreate a smile in just two appointments, for most patients.

Bonding – Chipped, uneven, stained or poorly-shaped or spaced teeth can be improved in appearance through bonding. Bonding is a durable resin that is painted over tooth surfaces and polished to correct some smile flaws. While not as durable or stain-resistant as porcelain, bonding can be shade-matched to blend attractively with other teeth. Even though it lacks some of the advantages of porcelain, bonding gives good longevity at an affordable cost. Typically, the procedure is completed in one visit.

Teeth Straightening – When teeth are crowded or crooked, moving them into proper position does more than improve the appearance of a smile. (As explained prior, misaligned teeth are often the cause of other problems, including TMJ disorders. Correcting the bite helps you avoid problems such as worn or chipped teeth, headaches, sore jaw joints and ear ringing.) Here, we offer complete orthodontic services through an Orthodontist, including traditional braces for adolescents, teens and adults. We also offer Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, which is an appealing option for adults and teens involved in sports. This ‘clear’ tooth alignment system is removable for eating and brushing. It also eliminates the awkward wires-&-brackets look and risk for damage to lips and inside of cheeks.

Dental Implants – For individuals who are missing one or more natural teeth, we recommend Dental Implants in many situations. Implants restore the ability to eat comfortably and speak and laugh confidently. Because Dental Implants are held by the jaw, just as natural tooth roots were once, they restore the same, stable foundation as natural teeth once had. We design the teeth attached to the implants to provide a flattering smile for each individual as a normal part of the implant restoration process.

For some patients, enhancing just the front four or six teeth may be all that is needed while others need the front eight or ten involved in treatment. This is based on how widely an individual smiles to ensure all teeth blend in with one another.

Having the very best smile for your facial features and your oral health begins by choosing your cosmetic dentist based upon training, skills, experience and most appropriate treatment plan. Call 586-739-2155 or tap here to arrange a no-charge private session to discuss getting your smile to the very BEST one for YOU!

During this time, I’ll go over treatment recommendations, comfort options, and answer your questions thoroughly. If desired, I can have our financial coordinator discuss easy payment plans to make your treatment affordable for your budget.

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