We Believe Our Community Smiles Through Supportive Hands!

added on: May 16, 2018

In my twenty years of being in dental practice, I’ve found so much happiness in the bonds I’ve formed with staff, patients, friends and business associates in this beautiful community. My team and I have a sincere commitment to the comfort and care of our patients as well as to the well-being of others who make up this special corner of the world.

For two decades, our commitment to our community has gone far beyond what occurs within our dental office’s walls. We know this community is like a big family. It is made up of young and old, happy and serious, traditional and eccentric, and healthy and challenged. Like any normal family, we may not always agree or have everything in common, but we know that each individual plays an important role in what makes us all connected as one.

Part of our commitment is through community support. For example, for the 18th year in a row, we have awarded a scholarship to a high school senior pursuing a career in a health-related field. (Congratulations to our 2018 recipient, Eisenhower High School senior Edward Gehle!).

Edward Gehle is recipient of 2018 Ban R. Barbat, DDS Scholarship

I have been so impressed by the many student applicants who have presented themselves over the years, reassuring me that our nation’s (and global) healthcare is headed in a positive direction through the dedication, enthusiasm, and academic commitment these young people illustrate, year after year.

We have also been supportive of the Shelby Township Parks & Recreation Department’s tireless efforts to provide a variety of fun and educational activities to its citizens. These functions are family-oriented ways to enjoy the beauty of our area while meeting others who are like-minded.

Through Shelby P&R, we’ve sponsored sports, outdoor concerts, holiday functions for children, educational activities at the Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center, art fairs, newsletters, and flea markets. I’m always impressed with the variety of activities our community can pick and choose from.

We have also been proud to support organizations that provide people with a ‘leg up’ in times of need. One of those is Turning Point Macomb. This fine organization provides help (and even shelter) to women who have been domestically or sexually abused. In a day where the awareness of this type of abuse is more in the spotlight, this organization shines for its years of care and nurture.

There are a number of other organizations that have won over our hearts over the years. Our first-responders, military, teachers, and civic volunteers — the heartfelt dedication to ‘community betterment’ always amazes me. While most of us know that “we get what we give,” there are some who live this ‘foundation’ in their lives everyday.

Thank you for choosing us to care for your smile. We are honored. And, know that those you refer will be given the same nurture and respect.

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