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added on: April 10, 2024

How your smile looks in the mirror is one thing. Is how your smile “feels” just as important?

An August 2023 article published by Colgate shared some insightful findings about a smile’s positive effect of smiling.

For example, your smile can affect your self-confidence. Smiling causes the brain to release serotonin, which makes us feel happier. Smiling also releases dopamine, which is associated with pleasure.

They go on to share how smiling connects us to others as one of the most meaningful ways to communicate positive emotions. Smiling at someone often causes them to mirror our facial expression and create a sense of rapport and connection. Additionally, smiling sends the message that we are friendly and approachable, making others more likely to want to interact with us.

The article also points out that a smile can have a positive effect on self-esteem. Just smiling at ourselves in the mirror helps us to feel more confident, attractive, and successful. Too, smiling can make other people view us more positively, which increases how much they like and respect us.


In addition to smiles making us more approachable and exude a sense of self-confidence, studies even show a smile can make others perceive us as looking thinner, healthier, and more youthful. One such study at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s department of psychology.

Researchers had college students examine images of male faces in several age groups, ranging from 30 – 65. Some of the faces were smiling with others having neutral expressions. Participants were asked to label the faces as being young or old.

The findings showed that happy, smiling faces were judged as young more often (almost regardless of age) than faces with neutral expressions. Likewise, neutral faces were seen as older in each age group than their happy counterparts.

This study was followed by another where college students were asked to guess the weight of 960 faces, some smiling, others with sad expressions, and others with neutral expressions. Surprisingly, sad faces were judged to be heavier individuals.


The research is endless, but the results tend to always lean in the direction of the positive effects that smiling can make. Yet, for people who have smile flaws, the joys of smiling can allude them. When a smile shows teeth that have cavities; teeth that are chipped, worn or missing; or teeth that are darkly stained or mis-shaped, smiling can be awkward.

If you feel your smile detracts from the ‘real you,’ let’s discuss ways to correct your smile’s flaws and recreate a smile you’ll love to share often and joyfully! For many people, correcting smile imperfections can be as simple as a single visit whitening or repairs with bonding, which can also be done in one appointment. In our office, we use advanced skills, techniques, and technology to provide optimal results in today’s cosmetic dentistry.

Porcelain veneers and crowns are the ‘gold standard,’ providing optimal durability, longevity and natural appeal. Restorations made of porcelain give an opalescence like that of natural teeth, even reflecting light as a natural tooth.

Yet, the ideal smile for you doesn’t merely lie in thew materials used. As a cosmetic dentist in Macomb County for over 25 years, I’ve committed our practice to optimal results for every patient. This is why is received extensive training at  the world-renowned LVI Institute For Advanced Dental Studies, where I earned Fellowship status. I am also and is a member of the International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics and the Academy of General Dentistry. And, through over 300 hours of extensive training, I’ve achieved the designation of a Neuromuscular Dentist.

When it comes to smile improvements, please know that a ‘smile makeover’ isn’t always needed to have positive results in both appearance and perception of how one feels about their smile. Sometimes, even small changes can have a tremendous effect. For example, with some patients we’ve placed just four veneers on upper, front teeth for an exceptional outcome.

Treatments involving porcelain veneers are generally completed in just two visits. Once we determine which teeth will be involved in treatment (typically the top, front teeth most visible in a full smile), we create a ‘wax up.’ This is a likeness of your teeth and provides a view of how each enhanced tooth would appearance with the others once treatment is completed.

In the preparation phase, we gently reshape the natural teeth so the veneer will fit over it. We make sure you are comfortable throughout – and can provide oral sedation in addition to novocaine for optimal comfort, if desired. Once the teeth are prepared, we placed temporary restorations until your final porcelain restorations are ready (generally about 2 weeks). These ‘temporaries’ will provide a normal look and acceptable function until your treatment is completed.

When your final veneers are ready for placement, the appointment goes rather quickly. We gently remove the temporary restorations (again, while you are numb) and check your bite alignment. We polish them for a beautiful finish and your new smile is ready for you to share with the world!

Has dental fear kept you from achieving the smile you know is “inside?” As a dentist who has developed a widespread reputation for helping fearful dental patients to achieve the smiles they love, I encourage you to arrange for a no-charge, private consultation. We can discuss our many comfort options, including oral and I.V. sedation.

Many once-fearful patients have found that oral sedation is ideal. It relaxes them to the point of being able to “doze” through procedures. Too, we have non-fearful patients who prefer oral sedation so they are more relaxed through lengthy appointments. They also like that recovery is quick.

I.V. sedation is a deeper level of sedation, placing the patient in a sleep state, frequently referred to as “twilight sleep.” In this, the patient is unaware of the procedure and has no memory of it afterwards. Although the recovery takes longer, this option can help some patients complete procedures they may have otherwise avoided.

Both oral and I.V. sedation are administered with a priority on the safety of our patients. Sedated patients are closely monitored by highly-trained staff who use advanced safety equipment.

If you have concerns about cost, we can help you achieve your goals through several easy payment plans. These options can allow you to begin treatment immediately and pay in easy monthly amounts manageable to most budgets. Most plans require no down payment and are interest free. Our Financial Coordinator will gladly discuss these options with you in more detail (either in the office or over the telephone).

Regardless of your smile’s needs, our Shelby Township dental office provides a comprehensive care environment where comfort is always a priority. From cleanings to cosmetic dentistry to dental implants, you’ll be cared for by a team of skilled professionals, each fully committed to respectful, compassionate care. We take great pride in the positive experience our patients know they’ll have.

Ready for a new smile and a new YOU? Check out our Smile Gallery and then call for your free consultation! To schedule, call: 586-739-2155 or tap here. I look forward to meeeting you!

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