Beware Toxic Ingredients In Denture Creams

added on: June 1, 2011

Denture wearers beware: one of the ingredients in denture creams is zinc. When overuse of denture creams put too much zinc in the body, it depletes the body’s natural balance of copper. Since copper regulates neurological activity, such an imbalance can lead to nerve damage or even neuropathy, a painful nerve disorder for which there is no cure.

The problem arises based on the amount of denture cream an individual uses on a regular basis. Although manufacturers estimate that one tube of denture cream will last between 1-2 months, some users admit to using a great deal more. When an excessive amount of denture cream is used, it is often to secure an ill-fitting denture or partial. Why would people do this?

When dentures are first made, they are shaped to conform to the gum ridge for which they are designed to adhere. Denture creams help to keep the denture in place, however, as the ridge declines in height and width, there is less and less of a foundation to hold the denture. Reapplying denture cream several times a day may help for brief amounts of time, but no cream or adhesive can overcome the loose fit for very long.

Poor fitting dentures often cause adults to eat soft foods that dissolve easily in the mouth. These tend to lack a healthy balance of protein rich meats, hearty grains, and fruits and vegetables packed with vitamins and minerals. Not having dentures that fit securely also prevents some from being socially active. Because of the potential for embarrassing slips, many adults will shy away from gatherings rather than risk the worst.

When dentures need an excessive amount of cream or paste for stability, there is a more serious fix needed than denture cream or paste. Today’s dentistry offers many options for every situation. Start by asking for a no cost consultation appointment and let’s discuss the options that are best for your needs. No one need suffer with an ill-fitting denture when the choices are so terrific!

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