Cheap Crowns Can Result In Major Expenses In The Future

added on: December 15, 2015

For something to be done well, there is a price. This applies to dental work just as it does to the construction of a home or an automobile repair.

When decisions are primarily based on getting the lowest price, the outcome is rarely satisfying. In dentistry, things such as cheap crowns can result in a long list of problems, many that require a sizable investment to repair. Some may even surprise you.

Let’s take a crown that was sized and placed without precision measuring and proper adjustments once in place. A crown that is too long can ‘hit wrong’ on the tooth above or below. This can lead to cracks and chips. It can also result in headaches and migraines by throwing bite alignment off.

Let’s say the crown is too short, even by the smallest hint. The tooth above or below will grow out of its proper position in order to meet it. When this occurs, it can cause the same issues mentioned previously – chips or cracks in neighboring teeth as well as lead to migraines and headaches.

We use a premiere dental lab to create crowns and other restorations using materials that will look and feel natural and last for a long time. When you get a bargain price for a crown or bridge, it’s because corners were cut somewhere and that usually includes construction. A ‘cheap’ crown, even if placed correctly, isn’t as likely to give you your money’s worth even when you think you got a great deal.

There is a delicate balance in your mouth that affects everything from jaw joints to facial muscles. When this congruity is out of balance, there is higher risk for problems associated with bite misalignment. These include problems many people never associate with the positions of teeth.

Bite misalignment can force the jaw joints to operate under strain. This can cause sore jaw joints, jaw popping, difficulty opening the mouth, dizziness and ear ringing. Muscles in the head, neck and shoulders react to bite misalignment, often through soreness, headaches and migraines.

As stated, chipped or broken teeth are typically a result of bite misalignment. However, it can also lead to night-time clenching or grinding. Worn teeth are a common symptom along with morning headaches and fractured teeth.

A tooth that fractures below the gum line requires removal and replacement, which adds to expenses. Not replacing a tooth merely ups the potential for problems associated with bite misalignment.

There is a domino-effect when it comes to your teeth. The interaction of each with other teeth and then the unified interaction with joints, muscles and tendons must be in harmony. If not, the problems that emerge will require treatment that can be costly and time-consuming. And while some of the problems may take years to be ‘problems,’ treatment is typically no longer a choice but necessity.

As a neuro-muscular dentist, I’ve treated a number of patients who have suffered for years with headaches, migraines, dizziness, etc., going from doctor to doctor seeking relief. Once we conduct a series of tests using sophisticated technology, we can determine if the problem is truly related to the jaw joint or improper bite alignment. I frequently find that an improperly made or placed crown is the culprit for a patient’s years of pain and frustration.

When it comes to dentistry, the rule “Do it right the first time” is more important than most realize. In our office, whether it is a crown, a veneer, partial or implant, our goal is to help you achieve the very best outcome for a very fair price.

Your smile deserves quality workmanship, just as anything that you want to work well. Give yourself the best to begin with and you’ll very likely save a great deal over time.

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