Cheap Dentistry Is A Risky Investment!

added on: July 10, 2013

When deciding on a new roof for your family’s home, would you pick the cheapest company, realizing the materials and workmanship will likely be inferior?

Occasionally, our phone staff receives calls from people who are calling dental offices to check fees. While we all want to spend our money wisely, these types of comparisons don’t generally provide an ‘apples to apples’ accuracy.

Take, for example, the inquiry, “How much are Dental Implants?”  Is the caller wanting the cost of the implant and placement procedure? Or, does he want to know the added cost for the replacement tooth? And, since one implant can hold more than one tooth (in many cases), calculating the cost of 3 implants and 3 replacement teeth may be far more than is necessary, when 1 implant and a bridge of 3 teeth will suffice.

It’s also difficult to answer cost questions since no two mouths are alike and fees can vary according to the type of implant that’s best suited to the individual’s need. Or, for example, for the fees to repair a ‘gummy’ smile, the number of teeth involved largely determine the rate. However, veneers or crowns may be recommended for some of the teeth involved in treatment to improve or protect them. These fees are extra.

Another issue with cost comparison is even more concerning when people try to ‘phone shop’ for cheap rates. While a particular dentist may have higher fees for certain procedures, there is often a good reason. Ensuring your treatment provides a natural look and feel, gives exceptional longevity, and does not compromise bite alignment (which could lead to headaches, chipped teeth, sore jaws, etc.) is worth the extra for a dentist who is highly trained, skilled, and uses superior techniques and materials.

Be committed to finding the right dentist to do the job to the highest standards. A healthy, appealing smile is an investment that’s worth the very best! Begin with a no-cost consultation to learn the fees involved for treatment that’s best for your smile. Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles.

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