Dental Implant Patient Shares Journey To A New Smile!

added on: March 13, 2023

Today’s dentistry offers many options to replace missing teeth, which are all available at our Shelby Twp dental office. Here, we provide comprehensive dentistry so all patients can enjoy one location to restore the look, feel and function.

If you’ve experienced tooth loss, replacement can be through…

  • Crown & Bridge
  • Dental Implants
  • Partial Dentures
  • Full Dentures

Whether a patient is missing one, several or all teeth (upper and/or lower), dental implants are generally the preferred tooth replacement option. Because the implanted portions are positioned in the jaw bone, this provides the same, sturdy foundation as that of natural teeth.

There are many advantages to dental implants over other tooth replacement options. One is in how they protect the integrity of surrounding teeth. For instance, in a crown-&-bridge combination, adjacent teeth must be crowned to support the bridge. Dental implants do not need the support of surrounding teeth to maintain stability and restore biting and chewing strength.

Another advantage is in how dental implants help to maintain jaw bone mass. This is because the implant restores stimulation to the jaw bone where tooth roots were once held. Without this, the bone mass begins to decline. This why dentures and partials begin to slip and rub sore spots on gums over time.

The placement process for dental implants is performed while the patient relaxes in complete comfort. In our Macomb County dental office, placement is done while patients are sedated, with either oral sedation or IV sedation (“twilight sleep”). During this, patients are closely monitored by trained staff and advanced safety equipment.

To facilitate proper diagnosis and placement, we utilize some of the some of the industry’s most advanced imaging available. This allows for precision placement – proper depths and angles – of the implants. Too, this imaging enhances treatment outcomes while minimizing treatment needs.

One of these advanced features is our Cone Beam 3D imaging. This gives unique views of all angles of oral structures, including nerves, bones, muscles and airway passages (including sinuses). In addition to precise placement positions, these intricate views aid in assessing existing bone mass as well as surrounding structures.

These structures include the position of the nerve that runs horizontally across the lower jaw bone (the mandible). For the upper jaw (or maxilla), these images show the bone’s proximity to the sinuses. These factors are taken into consideration for selecting the implant type as well as the possible need for bone rebuilding procedures prior to placement.

This was the case for Jodie. Over the years, she had lost a number of upper and lower teeth. Those that remained were at risk of eventual loss. And, she had lost her confidence in smiling. An online search brought her to Dr. Ban Barbat. After meeting with Dr. Barbat, Jodie immediately felt confident moving forward with treatment. “After the consultation, I never wanted to go anywhere else,” states Jodie. “She explained everything to me.”

Jodie’s case required several steps prior to the actual implant placements. She needed extractions, a sinus lift and bone rebuilding procedures prior to the implants being placed. This would add to her appointments and treatment time, and of course, the cost. Yet, Jodie was determined to proceed. And, each step was performed while Jodie was totally comfortable under IV sedation (sometimes referred to as twilight sleep).

Yet, all this was worth it for Jodie. “I never imagined how happy I’d be; I needed my smile and confidence back.” She now notices that she smiles more often and how many people smile back at her. She adds, “You only live once and the feeling alone is worth it.”

Dr. Barbat adds, “There are many different types of implants and each mouth is different. We are proud of providing complete care for dental implant patients, no matter how complex the case may be.” And, affordability can be within reach for most individuals. Monthly, interest-free payment plans are available with no down payment required.

A dental implant, properly maintained, is designed to last a lifetime. The success rate of implants is excellent – up to 98%; higher than any other implant-in-bone success rate. Too, an implant will never develop a cavity, need a root canal or have detrimental effects on surrounding teeth. They are the closest thing to the look, feel and function of natural teeth.

If you are considering tooth replacement through dental implants in our hands, several brief videos may help …




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