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added on: October 31, 2023

Replacing missing teeth is important for many reasons. When a smile reveals gaps where teeth are missing, it makes an impression on others that is anything but positive.

In one study, college-aged students gave their perceptions of people in photos who were missing upper front teeth. Participants gave the most negative ratings to the individuals missing teeth, such as going on a date or having as a neighbor.

While the study showed how missing teeth can create unflattering perceptions, the presence of teeth do much more than give a full smile. Although teeth are necessary for biting, chewing and speech, each tooth also helps in supporting adjacent teeth.

An open gap allows adjacent teeth to move out of alignment, often leaning into the open space or tilting out of alignment. A missing tooth also allows the one above or below to grow longer. This can lead to chips or cracks as it “hits” the teeth below or above improperly.

Obviously, there is great need to replace missing teeth. There are a number of choices for tooth replacement. We offer all of these. However, the most ideal tooth replacement option is dental implants.

A denture, partial or crown-&-bridge restore the appearance of teeth. They can also help to keep surrounding teeth from shifting. However, it’s what’s below the gum line that makes the difference.

When teeth are lost, so are their roots. These roots once provided stimulation and nourishment to the upper or lower jaw. Thus, without this, the bone begins to shrink, or “resorb.” Resorption begins slowly the first year but ramps up with each year. Resorption is even accelerated by the pressure of partials or dentures.

From the decline in bone, the fit of a denture that fit snugly when first made begins to loosen. This is because the ridge under the denture is slowly flattening. Over time, the denture has very little of a foundation, decreasing one’s ability to bite and chew without uncomfortable rubbing or slips.

Dental Implants recreate the presence of tooth roots, halting bone loss and restoring comfortable and dependable biting and chewing. There are many types of implants designed to accommodate individual needs. For those who have lost a great deal of bone depth, there are procedures that can rebuild the bone to a healthy depth.

With over 40 different implant systems, the one suited best for you depends on factors that an experienced dentist must take into consideration. For example, the number of implants you need and how much jaw bone mass exists.

For individuals who have lost a great deal of bone, specific implant types may be recommended. Some, like the “All On 4” implant system, uses specially designed implants which are placed at specific angles.

Bone loss can also be overcome by incorporating a bone rebuilding process into treatment. This is done prior to implant placement and does not require a bone graft. In many cases, we can apply a bone rebuilding material that restores ample bone mass.

In our Shelby Twp dental office, we’ve taken measures to provide all stages of dental implant placement with advanced skills and technology. The advantages of having dental implants placed through our dental office include:

• All stages of Dental Implant treatment in one, convenient location
• Oral and I.V. Sedation available for optimal comfort
• Advanced technology utilized for optimal implant selection and placement
• Neuromuscular dentistry incorporated for ideal positioning in bite alignment
• Final teeth with a natural look and feel
• Biting and chewing function restored

Our Macomb County patients also enjoy the benefits of advanced technology. One feature especially helpful in determining the type and placement of dental implants is our Cone Beam 3D Imaging.

Cone beam images capture clear, concise 3D views in one pass at the lowest radiation levels possible. These images are ideal for assessing jaw structure for proper angles and depths in implant placement.

Another feature that benefits our dental implant patients is our dental laser. This provides a precision line and helps to seal gum tissues as it goes. It eliminates or greatly minimizes bleeding of gum tissues, enhancing patient comfort with faster healing time. (Learn more about our advanced technology through this brief video: DrBarbatTechnology)

As a neuromuscular dentist, I incorporate unique skills into the restorative part of treatment (placement of the final teeth). Neuromuscular dentistry is based on the understanding that all craniofacial structures must work harmoniously during chewing, speaking, and in resting positions. This includes bone structures, joints, muscles and tissues.

This boils down to proper bite alignment where the TMJ (jaw joints) and muscles are working in unison. Disharmony in one area can have far-reaching problems, including frequent headaches and migraines, sore facial and neck muscles, dizziness, ear ringing, sore jaw joints, jaw popping, or difficulty opening the mouth fully. Some people also have tingling in their arms and/or fingers.

Here, we are also known for making patient comfort a priority. Our patients enjoy many comfort options, including oral or I.V. sedation (‘twilight sleep’). In our Shelby Township dental office, these sedatives are administered by trained professionals who closely monitor patients throughout their procedure using advanced safety equipment. (Learn more about comfort at: DrBarbatComfort)

Get to know us and our commitment to your dental implant treatment success by viewing a brief video at: DrBarbatDentalImplants

To help you achieve your oral health goals, flexible payment plans are available. These options can allow you to begin treatment immediately and pay in easy monthly amounts that are manageable to most budgets. Most plans require no down payment and are interest free. Our Financial Coordinator will gladly discuss these with you in more detail.

If you’re ready to replace missing teeth with a lifetime of confident smiles, call 586-739-2155 or tap here for a free consultation appointment. During this time, I’ll answer your questions and discuss potential options that may be best for you.

You can also “tour” our dental office at: DrBarbatOfficeTour


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