Bad Breath, Yellowed Teeth, Cavities? Smile Fixes For The Holidays!

added on: November 9, 2023

The foundation of every dental office is general dentistry. While our Shelby Twp dental office offers complete dental services for all ages – including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, crown & bridge, TMJ and Sleep Apnea therapy, and dentures/partials – every mouth needs to be healthy before we move forward with any dental procedure.

With 2023 winding down and the holidays already upon us, many individuals are considering their smiles. Being close with others during social and family gatherings and knowing pictures will be taken, smiles take a front-&-center position during this time.

I’d like to address a few aspects of oral health and appearance that may help you feel more confident during the holidays and well into 2024.

BREATH ODOR: Bad breath, although it can have medical origins, is generally the result of an overload of bacteria in the mouth. There are many reasons that these bacteria can accumulate, the main reason being insufficient oral hygiene. Twice-daily brushing (at least 2 minutes each time) and daily flossing help.

It is also necessary to keep the mouth moist. Without adequate saliva flow, oral bacteria breed more rapidly. Avoid or limit contributors to oral dryness, such as caffeine, alcohol, smoking and many medications. If you feel your mouth is dry often, discuss this with your dental hygienist for tips on ways to support oral moisture.

The tongue is also a tremendous source of oral bacteria. The tongue harbors 58 – 65% of the bacteria in your “oral cavity.” Oral bacteria love to embed in the tiny bumps and grooves of the tongue since they are not easily dislodged. Thus, it’s necessary that the tongue be involved in your oral hygiene regimen at home to keep bacteria levels under control.

Some toothbrushes have a “tongue scraper” on the reverse side of the bristles that’s an effective option. Or, you can just brush your tongue with the bristles after your teeth are brushed. Be sure to include the back of the tongue where the majority of bacteria exist. Your gag reflex will tell you when you’ve gone far enough!

YELLOW OR BROWN TEETH: To quickly and inexpensively improve the appearance of natural teeth that have yellowed or browned over the years, our Zoom 2 whitening system can perk up a smile in about an hour! Whiter teeth tend to create a more youthful looking smile and help to camouflage flaws in teeth. A dentist uses professional grade whiteners that provide the level of whiteness that will be flattering for you with exceptional longevity. Rather than buy box after box  from the drug store trying to whiten teeth without achieving the level of whiteness you desire, ask about Zoom 2 that’s affordable, quick and provides dramatically-beautiful results.

TOOTH DECAY: Decay typically occurs from too much acidity in the mouth, poor oral hygiene at home, irregular dental check-ups, oral dryness, frequent snacking, or a diet of too much sugar and carbohydrates. Too, when the protective coating of enamel on teeth is worn down (often by improper brushing where the teeth have been “scrubbed” rigorously), decay can occur easily.

When a cavity is small, non-amalgam tooth-colored fillings are used to fill the decay that’s removed from the tooth. These are shade-match for a tooth-like appearance. For large fillings or when fillings already exist in a tooth, a crown may be the best protection for the remaining tooth structure.

Yet, there are times when a filling is not quite right and a crown may be more than is needed. For these, inlays and onlays may be a better option. Made of porcelain, inlays and onlays are ideal when biting surface areas of a tooth need repair. They are custom-designed to fit precisely into the tooth, similar to how a puzzle piece fits snugly into a jigsaw puzzle.

SMILES WITH CHIPS, GAPS OR MISSING TEETH: The ultimate smile enhancement option typically involves porcelain veneers or crowns. These durable, natural looking restorations can beautifully recreate a smile by altering tooth shape, shade and size. For teeth that are chipped or gapped, porcelain provides the best longevity and look and feel of natural teeth.

I have advanced skills in the area of Cosmetic Dentistry, having achieved the prestigious Masters level of dental esthetics at the LVI Institute. This renowned dental training institute is well-known for excellence in the dental profession on a global level.

As a general dentist and a neuromuscular dentist, our patients receive the added benefits of having neuromuscular dentistry incorporated into dental procedures. Bite alignment is vital to the longterm well-being of teeth since misalignment can lead to TMJ disorders.

Symptoms include: frequent headaches; migraines; dizziness; ear ringing; painful jaw joints and facial muscles; jaw popping; and difficulty opening the mouth fully. Additionally, bite misalignment can cause night-time clenching and grinding. These actions can result in worn, cracked, broken, chipped or fractured teeth.

Additionally, our vast array of advanced technology is an advantage to patients. These features help us minimize the time needed for treatment, enhance comfort, and often speed healing. Learn more at: Advanced Technology

If dental fear or anxiety has kept you from achieving the healthy, confident smile you desire, please share your concerns to me or any of our staff. Our Macomb County dental office regularly sees patients who have varying levels of dental fear. By combining a respectful environment, a gentle touch, comfort options as needed or desired (including oral or IV sedation), most patients relax, knowing they can trust us to make sure they do not experience pain.

You may also want to download our “Guide For The Fearful Dental Patient” (for yourself or someone you know) at: DrBarbatDentalFearGuide. This guide contains practical tips to help move you through common fear triggers so you can go forward at a realistic pace for you.

To learn more about what may be recommended to achieve your BEST smile, begin with a free, private consultation. Call 586-739-2155 or tap here to schedule. In the meantime, visit our Smile Gallery to see just a few of our patients’ terrific smiles!

If treatment cost has been holding you back, arrange to meet with our Financial Coordinator. She will be happy to explain monthly payment plans that allow you to enjoy your new smile while making affordable monthly payments.

I would also like to introduce myself to you at: MeetDrBarbat


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