Dental Problems Can Be Obstacle To Sleep Quality

added on: July 16, 2014

Most people never think of a dentist when they realize they are not getting sufficient sleep. And, as more research is conducted, your quality of sleep is coming to light as a highly vital component to overall health.

Lack of sleep is now associated with weight gain, depression, high blood pressure, feeling fatigued during daytime hours, being more accident prone, stroke and heart attack.

One reason you may not be getting adequate ‘sound’ sleep is when you clench or grind your teeth, often unknowingly. This is typically prompted when the bite is misaligned, often due to jaw joint problems. We can determine this in an examination as worn spots are detected.

Heavy snoring may also be the culprit, which is a common precursor to Sleep Apnea. However, some Sleep Apnea sufferers do not snore so they never suspect this as the source of their sleep deprivation.

As a trained neuromuscular dentist, we are able to fully evaluate your bite’s true alignment and how head and neck muscles respond. We use advanced equipment that can pinpoint the precise cause of bite misalignment, which can often be the source of frequent headaches or migraines.

Heavy snoring and mild to moderate Sleep Apnea may be easily resolved with a custom-designed mouth piece that is FDA approved and comfortable. Your appliance will be created to fit your mouth and will not interfere with sleep like some air pressure devices can.

Get a good night’s sleep and watch your life improve as a result! Call 1-866-9-Smiles for a free consultation to discuss treatment options.

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