Dizziness – Gone! Headaches – Gone! Sleeping – Terrific! Thanks To Neuro-Muscular Dentistry!

added on: February 25, 2015

I’d like to share a story about an elderly lady who recently came to us because of dizziness, which had prevented her from driving.  I’m happy to report that after two weeks of wearing a neuro-muscular orthotic (a small oral appliance we custom-designed for her), she’s back to driving.  She is now only worried about driving on weekends when traffic is so busy! (I feel the same way!) She also shared that she’s surprised by how energetic she is and at the great sleep she’s getting.  Too, she’s no longer taking aspirin on a frequent basis because her headaches have ceased.

I share this with you because I’m always amazed at how people respond to neuro-muscular dental treatment. We’ve seen remarkable improvements in patients that go far beyond what are deemed to be obvious symptoms related to the mouth, head and neck.

As a neuro-muscular dentist, I am specifically trained to diagnose and treat problems that go much deeper than bite alignment. I take head and neck muscles, shoulder muscles, jaw joints and bite alignment as well as the size of the tongue and mouth into consideration during diagnosis. We use sophisticated equipment to thoroughly diagnose problems that may have been overlooked by other doctors, even other specialists.

Once we have pinpointed the source of the problem, we recommend the most conservative treatment possible. Like the lady mentioned above, results may be seen in a couple of weeks but many patients have immediate improvement.

At our office, your cosmetic and restorative treatment includes the skills of neuro-muscular dentistry. This helps our patients have a fabulous outcome along with a terrific smile!

If you’ve experienced frequent headaches, migraines, dizziness, ear ringing, facial pain, sore jaw joints, or chipped or worn teeth, call 1-866-9-Smiles for a free consultation. The solution may be just a few steps away!

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