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added on: November 19, 2012

In my profession, I see a wide variety of patients. Some folks have had advantages that has enabled them to enjoy good oral health and a great smile. Others have not been as fortunate. Some have poor oral health and missing teeth because of dental fears. Some grew up not having access to good dental care or understanding its importance. Because of genetics, others were born with oral health that would always pose challenges.

Regardless of the reason, when a patient’s oral health suffers, the unfortunate result is typically tooth loss. No one can predict the frustration and discomfort that dentures can cause until they’ve been a long-time denture wearer. Denture problems include sore spots on tender gums, difficultly biting and chewing, embarrassing slips, speech problems, and feeling self-conscious in social settings.

This is why we offer Dental Implants. Because Dental Implants are anchored by the jaw bone, just as natural tooth roots, they restore stability. This enables you to eat and laugh without fear of slips, chew comfortably, and be confident in close settings with others. Plus, Dental Implants are designed to last your lifetime, making them an excellent investment.

For those who are missing natural teeth, Dental Implants provide a dependable, lasting way to have teeth that are “part of you” again. Ask for a no-charge consultation by calling toll free 1-855-9-Smiles. During this time, I’ll explain the types most appropriate for your needs and answer your questions. You could be enjoying a confident, new smile by Christmas!

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