Energy Drinks Not Good For Your Smile

added on: June 13, 2016

For over 15 years, energy drinks have grown in popularity, giving consumers an added boost in their day. While a quick and easy pick-me-up sounds appealing, these drinks could have unpleasant results when it comes to your smile.Soda Can

Previous research findings have attempted to caution consumers on how the pH levels in beverages (such as cola) can cause tooth erosion. These pH levels can break down tooth structure from the effect that acid has on teeth, leading to decay. Studies have revealed that, whether diet or regular, iced tea or cola, the acidity in beverages that consumers drink every day contributes to the erosion of tooth enamel.

However, a study published in General Dentistry revealed how the pH level of soft drinks isn’t the only beverage that delivers elements that are a path to dental erosion. Apparently, it’s how a beverage neutralizes acid that plays a significant role in dental erosion.

The study examined acidity levels of five popular beverages on the market. The results proved that popular energy and sports drinks had the strongest potential for enamel erosion.

The popularity of energy drinks is increasing, especially among adolescents and young adults. Growing use among these ages are a particular concern due to the porous quality of immature tooth enamel. The acid levels found in soft drink has been found to leave permanent teeth more susceptible to attack. This means there is greater potential for erosion among this age group, with the percentage affected likely to increase as consumption grows.

The results, without early treatment or if allowed to become extensive, can lead to severe dental issues that can require expensive, time-consuming full-mouth reconstruction to fully correct.

All ages, of course, are susceptible to enamel erosion from these beverages. Drinking water is not only safer to your teeth, it replenishes oral moisture. This helps saliva flow, which flushes oral bacteria from the mouth. However, for those who cannot part with their energy drinks or colas, a few tips may help to lower the risk . These include:

  • Use a straw angled toward the back of the mouth so the liquid avoids the teeth.
  • Swish with water after drinking acidic beverages.
  • Limit your daily intake of sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks.

Remember, once enamel is worn away, it is gone for good. Protect your pearly whites by being conscious of the actions that create dental health risks. Preventive measures help you to save time and money and have greater potential to keep your natural teeth throughout your life!

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