Enjoy A Smile-Friendly Diet!

added on: May 9, 2012

The next time you’re hungry, go for choices that will do your teeth and gums a favor at the same time! The following foods are recommended for a healthier, brighter smile:

• Munching on apples, carrots or celery can help remove stain from tooth surfaces. To deter stains in the first place, add broccoli, spinach and lettuce to meals. These green veggies actually form a film on teeth that prevents stains.

• If you enjoy dates and raisins, add those to cereals and salads or just eat as a smile-healthy snack. Raisins have phyto-chemicals, which inhibit bacterial growth in the mouth. Raisins also contain a compound that prevents bacteria from sticking to teeth. And, those delicious dates contain fluorine, which is like nature’s fluoride. This compound has been found to actually help reverse tooth decay in early stages.

Yogurt contains a beneficial bacteria that can help to prevent harmful bacteria from building up. Eating plain yogurt twice a day decreases hydrogen sulfide in the mouth, which helps with fresh breath.

Green tea seems to prevent cavity-causing plaque through compounds they contain and can help reduce gum inflammation as well. A study has shown that those who drink green tea on a regular basis have better gum health and their gums tend to bleed less in treatment.

• Another tooth-friendly drink is cranberry juice, which has compounds that keep bacteria off tooth surfaces. Be sure to select a red variety with no added sugar.

We want your oral health to stay in good shape between regular check-ups and cleanings. Being conscious of foods that are beneficial to your oral health may help you avoid problems rather than need to repair them.

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