Extra Steps For Fearful Patients’ First Visits

added on: August 6, 2013

At our dental office, we feel all of our patients are special. However, we understand that some have special needs, such as those who have dental fears or severe dental phobias. As a dental practice who has experience helping people overcome these problems, we offer a number of comfort options to help them relax, such as oral and I.V. sedation. Additionally, we adhere to extra steps on their behalf to make their first visit especially comfortable and less intimidating.

One measure we take is to ensure your waiting time is kept to a minimum. Although we occasionally have unexpected delays due to patient’s need while they are in the treatment chair, those in our waiting area are certainly important to us. We have an excellent reputation for running on schedule and keep a close eye on this, in particular, when a fearful patient arrives.

We begin with a comfortable conversation in our Consultation Room. This is away from the clinical side of the practice so there are no noises or smells that will add to a newcomer’s anxiety. There are no treatment chairs or instruments in this room, just comfy arm chairs. We’ll begin with a friendly conversation so we can discuss your concerns and what you’d like to accomplish with your smile and oral health. I’ll explain the comfort options we have and answer your questions thoroughly. What I find is that people relax when they realize they are in charge of what is done and how often they are seen.

When patients are seen, we can provide relaxation medication so, by the time they arrive, they are in a very relaxed state. As much as is practical, we keep tools and equipment either covered or removed until you are comfortable and in a totally relaxed state. We apply numbing medications to the areas being treated after you are in this tranquil state and you are monitored by a trained staff member throughout your treatment to ensure your safety and comfort. Afterwards, you will likely have little or no memory of your treatment. Recovery is quick for most, although you may want to take a short nap once you are home.

In many cases, patients return to us feeling they need no additional medications for treatment other than standard numbing. They realize we will not hurt them and their comfort is always a priority to us, every time they visit. Our goal is to have you smiling from the time you walk in our door through the time you leave!

For more about comfort options, call 1-866-9-Smiles and speak with a friendly staff member! She can also arrange a free consultation so you can meet personally with Dr. Barbat.

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