Fees For A ‘Good Deal’ On Dental Implants Can Be Deceiving

added on: February 10, 2014

A friend shared with me recently that he’d seen a billboard advertising “Dental Implants – $999!” As a Dentist who provides all phases of Dental Implants, this worries me. Those drawn initially to this kind of “good deal” aren’t always getting the whole picture.

Although the dentist using the billboard may be qualified in the diagnosis, placement and restoration of Dental Implants, this price is a little deceiving. What is not made clear is the fact that $999 only covers each implant, which is the portion placed into the jaw bone to serve as a tooth root replacement. Doubtfully included in this price is the “abutment” needed to support the teeth, nor the fees for the replacement teeth. Other fees that may not be included are sedation, operatory suite fee, etc.

For the most successful outcome for your money, arrange a consultation and let’s discuss your individual needs so you’ll have a true expectation of cost. The key to getting the most for your investment is having  treatment done right the first time — the ultimate bargain!

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