First Step To Overcoming Dental Fear

added on: September 13, 2012

It is estimated that nearly 75% of adults in the U.S. have had a fear of the dentist at some point. One of the most common of all phobias, dental fear is also known as odontophobia. Interestingly, women seem to have dental fear more than men.

We see a number of once-fearful patients, who are now comfortable with their dental visits and relaxed in the treatment chair. Helping them to reach this, however, happens at a different pace for each. Most begin with an appointment where we meet and simply discuss their concerns in our consultation room. This room is away from the clinical side of the office without treatment chairs or instruments in sight. We sit in comfortable arm chairs behind closed doors and have a relaxed, private conversation.

Some people will share what sparked their dental fears in the first place. A few don’t remember what prompted their fear of dentistry; it just built over time. Regardless, I listen and then describe ways we can ensure their comfort throughout any procedure, whether its a simple cleaning or repairing cavities or gum disease.

Often, patients will request to have Oral Sedation added to their initial treatment. This is in pill form and taken prior to arriving at our office. By the time the patient arrives, they are very relaxed. Once the full effect of the medication has them totally relaxed, we administer numbing medications and begin treatment.

Oral Sedation is safe and recovery is quick. It also leaves no memory of treatment afterwards for most. Some may recall hearing my voice during treatment, but that’s typically all they tell me they remember.

As the patient realizes our desire is to care for them to the highest levels of comfort, they begin to feel a sense of trust. Many no longer need Oral Sedation after a visit or two.

If you have dental anxiety, or you know someone who has intense fear when it comes to dental visits, please know that we offer a free, no obligation consultation appointment. Our friendly phone staff are experienced in speaking with fearful individuals. At all times on the phone or in our office, you’ll be treated respectfully and warmly. Our toll free number is 1-855-9-Smiles. When you’re ready, we are just a phone call away.

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