Five Reasons To Consider Dental Implants & Selecting An Optimal Treatment Location

added on: December 14, 2023

5 reasons to consider DENTAL IMPLANTS…

1. STABILITY – Because dental implants are held by the jaw (like natural teeth), they restore stability and biting/chewing strength. You’ll be able to eat the foods you love without worry.

2. LONGEVITY – The implanted portion is made of titanium, a biologically-compatible metal. With proper care, an implant can last a lifetime.

3. VALUE – Implants are a lifetime solution for missing teeth, making them an excellent investment. An implant will never break, need a root canal, or need replacing (when properly maintained).

4. PRESERVES BONE – Without natural tooth roots, the jaw bone that once held them begins to decline in mass. This can cause shifting of neighboring teeth and changes in facial appearance (such as deep wrinkling around the mouth and the formation of jowls).

5. NATURAL LOOK & FEEL – Once placed, the bone grows around the implanted portion, restoring the confidence of “real” teeth. They give back the ability to eat, laugh and smile with confidence.

5 reasons to have DENTAL IMPLANTS at Ban R. Barbat, DDS-PC…

1. ALL PHASES of Dental Implant treatment is performed in one location, which minimizes treatment time.

2. COMFORT is a priority at Dr. Ban Barbat’s Shelby Twp dental office. She provides Oral & IV sedation, which is delivered safely by trained staff who use advanced monitoring equipment.

3. SPECIALIZED SKILLS are included in treatment. As a neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Barbat incorporates measures to ensure proper integration of replacement teeth for optimal alignment. This helps to decease risks of interference with neighboring teeth, which can lead to headaches, chips, night-time clenching or grinding, ear ringing, dizziness, etc.

4. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY helps in creating a conservative treatment plan for dental implants, including Cone Beam imaging. These images capture clear, concise views that are ideal for assessing jaw structure for proper angles and depths in implant placement.
Our dental implant patients also benefit through the use of our dental laser. This minimizes disruption to gum tissues and seals as it goes, eliminating or greatly minimizing bleeding. Thus, patient comfort is enhanced with faster healing time.

5. REDUCED EXPENSES occur through proper selection of the implant system that’s right for you. Because dental implants come in over 40 different types, an experienced dentist can plan treatment to use one implant to support more than one tooth. Because implant treatment expenses are based on the number of implants placed, this helps to greatly minimize cost. For example, the “All On 4” implant system uses just 4 implants to support a full arch of teeth. This system is often recommended for people who are missing all upper or lower teeth and have lost a great deal of bone mass.

To help you achieve your oral health goals, flexible payment plans are available. These options can allow you to begin treatment immediately and pay in easy monthly amounts that are manageable to most budgets. Most plans require no down payment and are interest free. Our Financial Coordinator will gladly discuss these options with you in more detail.

Regardless of your smile’s needs, our Macomb County dental office provides a comprehensive care environment where comfort is always a priority. From cleanings to cosmetic dentistry, you’ll be cared for by a team of skilled professionals, each fully committed to respectful, compassionate care. We take great pride in the positive experience our patients know they’ll have.

Call 586-739-2155 to schedule a free consultation. We are happy to discuss your preferences in tooth replacement or any oral health need during this time.

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