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added on: June 14, 2012

I recently saw a new patient who suspected he was having TMJ problems due to frequent headaches. During our initial conversation, I learned that he’d seen 3 different dentists over the past 4 years. He had jumped around because, as he explained, he kept seeing new patient specials that were “such great deals.” He had gone to each office, received a free exam, x-rays and cleaning, and then listened as the dentist made treatment recommendations. He did allow one dentist to place a crown on a tooth that was “already full of fillings and very sensitive.”

After my exam, I found the patient had early stage periodontal (gum) disease. No ‘free cleaning’ can rid gum disease, which requires a deeper level of treatment. Regular hygiene visits can help prevent this. The new crown had thrown his bite, which was the contributing factor to his headaches rather than TMJ issues. Unfortunately, the only way to correct his problem was to replace the crown with one of proper height.

Everyone wants a good deal. We all want to save money. However, when you select a dentist based on a promotional offer, it is a relationship based on the wrong reasons. A good Dentist-Patient relationship is based on trust and knowing your selected dentist will enhance your oral well-being NOW while helping you ensure a good oral future.

We pride ourselves on relationships with our patients that are built on trust. As an ethical and responsible dental office, we know that you would rather rely on us to structure your care according to your best interests rather than a promotional fee to coax you in the door. Thank you for entrusting the health and appearance of your smile to our hands!

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