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added on: November 25, 2009

A best friend adds much pleasure to your life. Their very presence can bring a smile.

For Mona Cottick, her friend helped her find a beautiful, new smile!

Mona and her husband relocated from Oakland County to Macomb County nearly two years ago. Being closer in proximity to her friend, Mona inquired about a dental office. Dr. Ban Barbat was recommended highly. When Mona arranged the appointment, she was somewhat reluctant at first. An unpleasant prior experience with periodontal care left Mona concerned about a similar ordeal. She quickly learned she had nothing to fear.At her initial appointment, Dr. Barbat conducted a thorough exam. During this time, she showed Mona a digital image her oral health status. This technology allowed Mona to see areas of decay in teeth she had assumed were fine. Together, they structured a program to restore Mona to optimal oral health. Dr. Barbat also placed crowns to protect several back teeth from further breakdown. As Mona grew more comfortable with dental visits, she discussed the appearance of her smile with Dr. Barbat.

During adolescence, Mona wore braces, twice. Yet, she felt her smile was not flattering. Prior dentistry had patched front teeth with tooth-colored fillings that were becoming more obvious as she aged. Her teeth were also stained and unevenly aligned.

Dr. Barbat explained today’s options for smile enhancement, particularly porcelain veneers. During the discussion, Mona expressed concerns about having work done on front teeth due to her Multiple Sclerosis. She feared a lengthy procedure on front teeth would cause too much anxiety while in the chair. Dr. Barbat suggested One-Pill Sedation so Mona could doze through the procedure comfortably and totally relaxed. “I remember taking the pill an hour before the appointment and telling my husband on the way there ‘This isn’t working’,” Mona states, “but all I remember was walking in and sitting down in the chair for treatment. The next thing I knew, I was finished!”During this time, six of Mona’s front teeth were prepared for porcelain veneers. She returned home and napped before actually looking in the mirror to see her new smile! “I had beautiful, new teeth!” she exclaims. Mona and her friend met for breakfast the next morning. “I have never smiled as much!” Mona states. “I smile more and feel so much better about my smile. These look so natural!”Porcelain veneers were recommended by Dr. Barbat for several reasons. In addition to providing a highly-natural look, durability is also better than most materials used in aesthetic dentistry, which enhances longevity. “I can eat anything,” Mona adds.A retired teacher, Mona knew smile enhancement would be “quite an investment”. Yet, she was pleased at how the office was able to structure her care to be manageable to her budget.Mona has much to smile about these days. She recently became a grandmother for the first time. In her free time, she enjoys creating stained glass and mosaic artwork. And, she has a best friend who regularly shares a smile she truly loves! “I smile everywhere I go now!” Mona says.To discuss today’s smile enhancement options, call our Metro Detroit Cosmetic Dental office to arrange a consultation appointment or ask at your next visit.

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