Have Fresh Breath For Holiday Closeness!

added on: November 13, 2013

Being in close conversations with family, friends or co-workers can quickly become an uneasy situation if bad breath comes between you. For those of us who’ve encountered someone with bad breath, we tend to associate that person with their breath odor from then on. While chewing gum in social settings doesn’t make for a polished impression, bad breath makes a worse one. Fortunately, you can have breath fresh without needing gum as a crutch.

For positive impressions as you celebrate this holiday season, keep your mouth as bacteria-free as possible. This requires a daily regimen of brushing (at least twice – in the morning and before bedtime) and flossing between teeth. Also, a tremendous amount of bacteria are embedded in the grooves of the tongue. When brushing, finish up by brushing the tongue or use a tongue scraper.

Be committed to your six-month dental check-ups and cleanings, which rid your mouth of bacteria accumulation since your last visit. If you are not maintaining those visits regularly, schedule one. This will help you achieve a ‘clean slate,’ so having fresh breath and a healthy smile are easier to maintain.

It is also helpful to limit beverages containing alcohol, which is drying to the mouth. Certain medications, age, or particular foods and beverages can also cause dry mouth. Drink plenty of water. If you take medications that are drying, ask your doctor if there are alternatives. Decrease your intake of caffeine and spicy foods as well. Smoking is horribly drying to oral tissues. If you smoke, this is yet another reason to give it up.

Enjoy the holidays with close conversations and hugs, leaving an impression that makes others smile! Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to schedule a free consultation or an exam appointment. We’ll be happy to help you enjoy a holiday in a “fresh” way!

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