How To Get The Beautiful Smile You Want

added on: October 26, 2020

Although we would hope our perception of others is based on inner qualities – things like kindness, ethics, honesty – it’s hard to deny that physical appearance is a factor in our initial impressions of others. If you feel drawn to attractive people more than the “average” ones, your feelings are more normal than not.

According to 2019 research reported in Business Insider, there are scientific reasons attractive people seem to have an edge over others. ( The good-looking set actually climbs the career ladder faster, makes more money, and even has better potential for getting elected.

Although “beauty” can be interpreted in many ways, it’s human nature to want to be among those who exude visible beauty. Because humans can’t help but be drawn to beauty, deep down, it is something we want for ourselves.

This begins with the face, since that is what plays the biggest part in the portrayal of beauty. And, what plays the biggest part in facial appearance?

Studies have shown that people who smile more are perceived as more confident, more content, more successful, more outgoing, and more attractive. Psychology Today, in, “The 9 SuperPowers Of Your Smile,” shared how smiling can make you appear thinner and more youthful. (

When you feel confident about the appearance of your smile, you want to smile more.

While a beautiful smile can also improve appearance, it also adds to overall contentment. For some reason, the act of smiling activates the release of endorphins, a chemical in the brain. This triggers a kind of a ‘natural high,’ which improves mood, positivity and happy feelings.

Buddhist author Thich Nhat Hanh knew this feeling when he said, “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Most people, however, aren’t fortunate enough to go through adolescent years and emerge into adulthood with a beautiful smile. It is more common to have some smile flaws, such as crooked teeth, discolored teeth and chipped, broken or missing teeth.

“You have a beautiful smile.” Have you ever heard that? Is that something at the top of your wish list?

There are obstacles to achieving this for many people. Fortunately, many of these can be overcome.

This begins with having the ‘best cosmetic dentist’ create your ideal smile. In the right hands, your new smile will be individually flattering and one you seem to want to share often.

However, cosmetic dentistry is an investment – even quite the reach for some people. Some people never pursue smile enhancement because of the assumption that it will be unaffordable, too expensive for their ability to manage financially.

Treatment fees for cosmetic dentistry are based on the skills, techniques can make all the difference in the world. I’ve seen (and repaired) adult smiles that were lured by “cheap” prices. Most end up with teeth that don’t fit properly in bite alignment or look like ‘fake’ teeth. The individual is left STILL unhappy with the appearance of their smile AND feeling the investment left them disappointed.

People who come to us for a new smile know there are cheaper prices out there. After all, it doesn’t take much (unfortunately) for a dentist to say they are a ‘cosmetic dentist.’ Certainly, a weekend course here or there can cover the basics. But is that really fair to an individual looking for a smile that functions properly with other teeth, looks natural, is ‘fitting’ to their facial features, and has exceptional longevity?

So, how do we help patients get past the cost of treatment? For my 25-plus years in practice, I’ve been blessed with an exceptional group of talented, committed team members. Our Financial Coordinator is one of these. She helps patients set up easy, monthly payment plans that break the fee into budget-friendly segments so they are able to enjoy their new smile without delay. And, what do my smile-makeover patients most-frequently tell me? “It’s the best investment I’ve ever made!”

Having something ‘done right’ the first time is vital when it comes to achieving a beautiful smile. True esthetic dentistry requires being able to envision what will work best for each patient and then creating planning it out. To communicate this, we do what we call a ‘wax up.’ This is a model of your new teeth so you can see how they’ll look before beginning treatment. And, it provides you with a plan based upon a combination of procedures chosen specifically for your best smile.

For example, in some smiles, the front four or six teeth may be all that need involvement while other people need the front eight or ten involved in treatment. Some teeth may do fine with bonding while others need porcelain veneers or crowns, or a combination. Gum tissues may also require re-contouring so the smile line above teeth provides a balanced look.

Having received advanced training in both neuromuscular dentistry and cosmetic dentistry at one of the world’s most prestigious training institutes (LVI), I’ve been able to recreate smiles that allow the true joy of an individual to step forward! And, these smiles are the BEST reason to have your cosmetic procedures done in our Shelby Twp dental office.

I am also a highly-trained neuromuscular dentist. When cosmetic dentistry is not performed with the advantages of neuro-muscular dentistry, what is at risk is your bite misalignment. A neuromuscular dentist can incorporate the proper alignment of teeth in order to eliminate stress or strain to the TMJ, or jaw joints.

What’s most important to properly-aligned teeth is more than having an attractive smile of straight teeth, however.

Properly aligned teeth support the function of these joints, surrounding muscles work in unison. When disparities exist in bite alignment, the result can be a wide range of problems that may seem unrelated to how teeth work together. Yet, we’ve treated patients who have suffered for years with symptoms that developed into severe interferences to their day-to-day living.

TMJ disorder can cause frequent headaches; migraines; ear ringing; dizziness; worn teeth, night-time clenching or grinding; sore jaw joints; aching muscles in the face, shoulders and neck; jaw popping; and even tingling in the fingers. Many people never relate these problems to their bite. Some spend years going from specialist to specialist seeking a solution.

In our office, we utilize advanced diagnostic technology to pinpoint the true source of bite problems that are contributing to TMJ issues. By knowing precisely when (or if) the problem exists, we are able to effectively and efficiently resolve the problem, in most cases.

We also utilize the advanced technology of a dental laser in creating an attractive shape and height of gum tissues that ‘frame’ the teeth involved in treatment. A laser helps with precision contouring while sealing the tissues as it moves. This minimizes bleeding and speeds healing time as well.

As you can see, knowing what may work best for each individual’s smile requires experience and specific skills. It’s never a one-size-fits-all process. When selecting your cosmetic dentist, remember that there is more to a smile than putting crowns and veneers on teeth. There is shape, shade and size as well as bite alignment as well as the look, feel and longevity of a smile that is uniquely yours!

If dental fear has been the obstacle preventing you from pursuing the smile you desire, our Shelby Township dental office offers a number of comfort options, including Oral or I.V. Sedation (referred to as twilight sleep). “Sleep dentistry” is provided safely in our office through the constant monitoring of our trained staff and advanced safety equipment.

We take pride in how many of our once-fearful patients no longer need sedatives for dental care and are able to relax in the dental chair. For every patient at every appointment, our entire team is committed to creating a bond that is based on trust, respect and compassion. (Consider downloading our “Guide For The Fearful Dental Patients”:

It won’t cost you a thing to discuss your smile and ways we can create the smile you’ve always imagined. Call 586-739-2155 to schedule or tap here for a no-charge consultation. During this time, I’ll make suggestions and answer your questions in a private setting.

I look forward to our time together!

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