Humans Are Imperfect, But Give Your Smile Your Best

added on: July 28, 2013

Occasional excuses for not flossing, forgetting to brush one’s teeth once in a while, or consumption of too much sugar is common for most Americans. We’re humans and prone to not always being ‘perfect.’ Fortunately, these occasional errors in judgement can be undone by quickly resuming our oral hygiene regimen at home and maintaining our six-month oral hygiene cleaning appointments to remove plaque build-up that has occurred as a result.

These occasional oversights become true problems that involve treatment time and costs  when “occasional” becomes “frequent.” Too, when people assume those six-month check-ups can be delayed and become annual visits or longer durations, repairs are not an “if,” they are a “when.”

If you over-indulge in a Snickers bar here and there, so be it. If you miss brushing your teeth while on vacation a couple of times, that’s okay. If you don’t floss every night each week, your teeth won’t drop out of your head. However, all things considered, do the best you can and keep those six-month check-ups and cleanings so you’ll save yourself a great deal in the long run in dental repairs.

After all, the best type of dental procedures we can provide are none at all!

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