If You Are Afraid Of Going To The Dentist, Read This.

added on: September 22, 2016

Let’s face it. Most adults have a fear of something. Some have a fear of snakes, or heights, or flying. Some people are afraid of closed-in spaces and others have a fear of dogs. I’ve known people who are terrified of water and others who shudder at the sight of a spider.

Fear is not a bad thing, necessarily. It’s our brain’s way of steering us away from something that doesn’t feel right. Yet, for adults who have fear or anxiety associated with dental visits, it’s not unusual for its originating source to be from a traumatic dental visit in the past.

Having a painful or frightening experience at a dental office can easily embed itself in one’s subconscious and can follow many adults for years.  Just the mere thought of going to a dentist can triggers increased heart rate, sweating or crying for some (which includes both men and women).

Proudly, I have developed a reputation for a gentle touch and giving (in my patients’ words) ‘painless injections.’ I also find that going slow and at a pace the patient finds comfortable helps them to relax and feel that trust level that is so important to a good dental relationship.

I’m especially sensitive to helping all patients develop a sense of trust. They trust that I NEVER want them to be uncomfortable. However, for patients who suffer with deep-rooted fears associated with dentistry, we see no reason to withhold methods to enhance relaxation and even induce a sleep-like state when needed or desired.

Many fearful patients opt for Oral Sedation. This is in pill form and taken just prior to arriving at our office. Once here, patients are fully relaxed. As the pill takes full effect, we seat you in a comfortable treatment chair and cover you with a warm blanket. Some patients doze off and on but are able to respond to questions.

For some patients, I.V. Sedation is the preferred option, giving a ‘twilight sleep’ state. I.V. Sedation is administered in-the-vein and is a deeper level of sedation than Oral Sedation. Although this is a more reassuring option for those wanting a sleep state, the recovery period is longer than what Oral Sedation requires.

Both medications erase most or all memory of the procedure afterward. And, with both, numbing the areas being treated is delayed until the patient is fully ‘under.’ In both, you are also monitored by a trained staff member throughout treatment to ensure your safety and comfort.

Our office is committed to providing you with the highest level of skills and technology in every procedure. Creating a comfortable experience throughout each visit is a commitment I try to uphold in every aspect of care.

Our commitment to comfort goes beyond me. It extends to everyone involved in your care.. from the friendly faces who greet you to the clinical team who tend to your smile, we want every visit to be a positive experience.

We believe everyone deserves a healthy, confident smile. While we are sensitive to the needs of all our patients, we are especially attentive to those with dental fear.  If that is you, or someone you know, begin by calling toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to speak with one of our friendly staff members. You’ll be offered a no-cost, no obligation consultation appointment so we can privately discuss your needs.

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