Is Dental Fear Ruining Your Smile?

added on: May 21, 2014

In my office, I see some pretty rugged guys — some who have fought in wars, have jobs that are physically challenging, and can cut massive logs into neat wedges for firewood as efficiently as a machine. I’ve also seen these men (and women) break down in tears as they recall a traumatic dental experience from the past. Often, these are one-time occurrences, yet they leave otherwise strong men and women with deeply embedded dental fears, so much so that many endure severe pain rather than walk into a dental office.

As a dentist with a reputation for a gentle touch, we see many patients who first arrive because their problems have become so severe they can no longer postpone treatment. Many have already lost natural teeth and are at risk of losing more. Most have some level of gum disease, which can trigger an inflammatory reaction in the body. Gum disease bacteria has been associated with heart disease, stroke, arthritis, diabetes, impotency, preterm babies and more.

I pride myself and our entire team on our commitment to providing exceptional care with a gentle touch. We add Oral Sedation to treatment when appropriate for patients, whether for fear, anxiety or even to be more comfortable during lengthy appointments. Some patients prefer I.V. Sedation (twilight sleep), which is also available.

No matter what your fear level, you CAN have gentle dentistry where you’ll feel relaxed before, during and after your visit. And, you CAN regain a healthy mouth and confident smile without having a white-knuckled experience!

Dental fear is nothing to be ashamed of and CAN be overcome. We have hundreds of formerly fearful adults who now come for their 6-month dental visits with a smile, have no discomfort during their exam and cleaning, and leaving feeling pleased their oral health is at an ‘A+’ level. You, too, CAN be one of  them regardless of the level of fear you have.

We’ll begin with a friendly discussion in our private Consultation Room that is removed from the clinical side of the office. Here, you can share your concerns and learn about options to help you move at a pace that’s right for you. There is no cost for this consultation. Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to arrange a convenient time.

In the right hands, you will find that dental visits are nothing to dread and can regain a healthy, confident smile in the process!

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