Small Changes Can Make Fabulous Improvements!

added on: May 19, 2014

Your smile is a significant part of your facial appearance. A wide, attractive smile shows confidence and projects an upbeat personality. When people are unhappy with their smile’s appearance, they tend to smile less often or cover their mouth when smiling or laughing. This indicates a feeling of insecurity or shyness that is often not the true nature of the individual.

Often, people don’t pursue cosmetic dentistry enhancements because they feel the expense will overwhelm them. However, in many cases, we are able to drastically improve a smile’s appearance with changes to just 4 or 6 teeth.

Today’s porcelain veneers and crowns have an exceptionally natural appearance. In many cases, we begin by whitening the patient’s teeth and then place shade-matched crowns or veneers on front teeth most visible in their smile. Many treatments are completed in just one or two visits.

Cosmetic dental enhancements ARE affordable! We offer several financial plans so our patients can enjoy their new smile while making monthly payments that are budget-friendly. Throughout my years in practice, I’ve never had a patient feel their investment wasn’t one of the best decisions they ever made!

Begin with a free consultation so we can discuss your options. Call 1-866-9-Smiles. Your new, fabulous smile may be just days away!

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