Is Insurance Dictating Your Health?

added on: February 7, 2013

When we make treatment recommendations to patients, they are according to what is necessary for their long term oral health. Although dental insurance programs are designed to help with the financial requirements of many treatments, they are not intended to cover all your dental needs and goals.

Over the past decade, insurance has become a major part of health care decisions. With most plans through employers, unions, and associations, the range of benefits often have limited coverage or for specific services only.

When much-needed treatment is denied because, “My insurance doesn’t cover it,” it is the patient who loses out while the insurance company protects their bottom line. Typically, nothing in your mouth is going to improve without treatment. Delay often causes treatment costs and time to increase. And, delays can jeopardize the life of your teeth.

Make decisions based upon what is best for your long term oral health. A confident smile is worth much more than what your insurance coverage deems you deserve according to your yearly maximum.

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