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added on: November 8, 2013

When I am in initial conversations with new patients, they often share their reasons for seeking a new dentist, such as, “He was too rough” or “She spent so little time with me after I’d wait and wait.” Yet, the most typical complaint is “I rarely knew what he was doing in my mouth or why I needed it.”

There is a particular sense of vulnerability when someone with sharp instruments is maneuvering around in your mouth (a highly sensitive area) as you’re laying on a narrow chair. While my patients praise me for a gentle hand and ensuring comfort during all procedures, we feel they have an added reason to relax.

When treatment is recommended, I make sure patients understand their options, including advantages and disadvantages of each. As their dentist, part of my role (and commitment) is to diagnose and explain the various procedures that will enhance (or restore) their oral health. An important part of this is in the explanation of the treatment they choose. It greatly helps a patient to understand why they need treatment and what is entailed BEFORE we begin.

Over the years, I’ve invested in intra-oral cameras, digital imaging (to take the place of x-ray film) and large screen, color monitors. These aid in precision diagnosis and optimal treatment planning. However, the ability to visually show my patients what’s going on in their mouth helps them to understand the “why.” The “how” is up to me to relay before and even during the procedure.

An informed patient is more involved in their oral health and more relaxed in the treatment chair. Plus, we feel our patients deserve the respect of having information that arms them with decision-making tools, which in turn, makes them confident in the investment they make for the good of their smiles.

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