Lack Of Sleep Hampers Brain Function

added on: December 18, 2014

Let’s say you live in a medium-sized city. While you’re asleep, all is quiet and the entire city seems asleep, too. But, during the night, thousands of people are busy tending to much-needed functions that keep the city running efficiently.

Janitorial staff are busy in office buildings across the city. Sanitation workers, police staff and hospital staff are all tending to important jobs. Security guards, cooks and taxi drivers are providing much-needed services while you sleep.

If the city simply ‘shut down’ for the night, its function during the day would be far from productive. Eventually, the results would be chaotic and severe.

Now imagine your brain while you sleep. Research has found that the brain does anything but take a snooze along with you. The brain produces proteins and chemicals that keep functions in-check, flush out toxins and protect sensory functions. Even your memory inventory is fine-tuned. Perhaps this is why Alzheimer’s Disease is being studied in relation to lack of sleep.

Sleep Apnea sufferers are at enormous risk for a number of health issues. However, when the brain fails to receive sufficient oxygen at night, it cannot function properly. Although you may only feel groggy and fatigued the next day, far more issues have been compromised than you feel physically.

If you have been prescribed for a CPAP device, wearing it every night is necessary. However, many people find them cumbersome, uncomfortable and noisy. Only an estimated 22% are consistent users, meaning that 78% of those who have them – and NEED them – are not getting the oxygen their brains need. Additionally, the heart and other major organs are negatively impacted.

For those who cannot tolerate CPAP, an alternative is a comfortable oral device. These small ‘mouthguard-like’ orthotics position your lower jaw slightly forward. This increases your oxygen flow at a sufficient level as you sleep. For heavy snorers, your mate will enjoy a more peaceful night, too!

If you suffer with mild to moderate Sleep Apnea and can’t tolerate CPAP therapy or are a heavy snorer, call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to request a free consultation.

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