Memory Loss From Lack Of Sleep

added on: June 6, 2013

When many people think of Texas Governor Rick Perry in his pursuit of the GOP pick for presidential candidate for the 2012 election, it’s often less about his policies than his zoning out during a 2011 debate. If you recall, Governor Perry forgot the third government department he felt should be eliminated at a crucial time at the podium.

With the embarrassment behind him, as well as missing out on the nomination, Rick Perry admits that the mental lapse was likely due to Sleep Apnea. Apparently, Governor Perry’s doctors stepped in afterward and arranged for sleep tests. The tests revealed that he not only had Sleep Apnea, it had probably gone undetected for years.

Whether or not you feel this was the presidential demise of Governor Perry, more and more adults are realizing that their mental acuity has a great deal to do with what occurs when their eyes are closed.

When you are asleep, your throat muscles relax. For some, this causes a block to their airway, obstructing oxygen supply. This repeated pattern of insufficient oxygen has been associated with tissue loss in the brain’s memory bank. Not surprisingly, Sleep Apnea has also been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

When people are restored to restful and rejuvenating sleep at night, it’s amazing how their energy level improves and they are able to focus and feel sharper during the day. Yet, once brain cells are destroyed, they are gone forever. This is why it’s important to have treatment for Sleep Apnea sooner than later.

Begin by calling toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to arrange a free consultation to discuss your situation. The solution may be as simple as a small, comfortable oral appliance worn at night.

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