Michigan Oral Health Statistics Have Room For Improvement

added on: February 20, 2012

Ahhh… Michigan. It’s one of those state’s that seems to have it all, from the Great Lakes and sandy shores to lush wooded land dotted by lakes and ribboned with streams. Yes, Michigan is a winner – except for our population’s oral health statistics!

While Michigan ranks 8th in the U.S. when it comes to people having regular care dental visits (for cleanings and exams), 17.1% of it’s 65+ population are missing ALL of their teeth! So, it may also be of little surprise to learn that Michigan ranks 23rd in the nation’s overall Health Index.

Because the statistics are recent, this may reflect a growing trend of Michigan’s population to maintain regular dental visits and be proactive when it comes to their oral health. Hopefully, we’ll see a lower percentage of toothless 65-&-over adults as those who are now more ‘orally committed’ in our population reach this age.

At our dental office, we want to keep the faces of Michigan beaming with healthy, confident smiles! If you are behind on dental check-ups,  let’s sit down and talk about what has prevented you from finding a ‘dental home.’ Because, after all, Michigan gives you so many reasons to flash a fabulous smile, all day, everyday!

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