Missing Teeth Create Bigger Problems Than A Gap In Your Smile.

added on: September 19, 2011

Tooth loss leads to many problems. Not only do missing teeth ruin the appearance of your smile, dentures or partial dentures  contribute to discomfort, reduced confidence, decreased ability to chew and enjoy foods, and inconvenience.  Unfortunately, tooth loss leads to greater problems with even more severe, long-term repercussions … bone loss.

Bone loss contributes to the inability to chew comfortably and a severe reduction in biting strength. When tooth roots are missing from the jaw, the bone begins to shrink.  This continues and is even accelerated by the pressure of wearing dentures or partials.

Today, many adults are choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dental implants recreate the presence of tooth roots, halting bone loss and restoring the strength of your bite.  Often, one implant can support several replacement teeth. For those who are missing a full arch of teeth, several strategically placed implants can often support an entire arch of upper or lower teeth.

Dental Implants are designed to last your lifetime.  When properly selected, placed, and cared for, they will bring you as much pleasure and satisfaction as natural teeth. To discuss your options in tooth replacement, call (586) 739-2155 to schedule a free consultation appointment.

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