More Men Are Finding Dental Care Is Career-Wise!

added on: April 5, 2012

The Academy of General Dentistry states that nearly 18% of men in the United States claim they don’t have time for regular dental visits, with about 5% who don’t even have a regular dentist. However, these percentages seem to be declining as more men venture back into the dental office, many who are in the workforce.

In years past, many men spent their entire careers with just one or two employers, not having to worry about how their overall appearance affected their professional life.

Today, men (and women) are more susceptible to lay-offs and company closings. More than ever, middle-aged men are competing with younger men in the job market. With appearance a heightened factor in their lives, they’re becoming more aware of the positive effects of an appealing smile. Men are finding that a healthy, flattering smile has definite value in the business world.

Because regular cleanings and twice-yearly checkups can enhance how a person looks AND feels, we’re also seeing more men who are committed to these visits as well as their oral home care regimen.

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