New Year’s Resolutions Your Dentist Wants You To Make

added on: December 29, 2020

Certainly, seeing one year end and another begin brings a ray of hope that what’s to come will be a better one. If there was ever a year to say “Good riddance” to, though, it’s 2020.

With all its challenges, the unknowns and tensions, however, many of us have had an opportunity to slow our pace, establish more appreciative relationships with loved ones, and know that the phrase “stop and smell the roses” should be taken to heart.

As a Michigan dentist (and one of a few with the advanced skills of neuromuscular dentistry), I’ve always valued my staff and our patients. It’s just now I feel even closer to them, having gone through a historic pandemic where there were few knowns. Throughout this, we have been very pleased with how our practice has adjusted to the highest standards possible of safety and infection control.

While we have always been highly committed to safety and patient comfort, our extended guidelines have made our patients feel this is their “safe place.” Our Shelby Township dental office has taken exceptional steps in air quality purification, staff PPE and in the patient appointment process overall. The link below shares just some of our safety measures:

As a proven way to support the body’s overall immune system, a healthy mouth is now more important than ever. Although our patients know they are in good hands here, there are still people who are unaware that dental offices are one of the safest environments they will find. (After all, we want to ensure our safety as much as that of our patients!)

A recent article shares the remarkably low number of dentists affected by COVID…

If you are among those who have worries about your safety at the dentist’s office, I  hope you’ll contact us to learn more. Call 586-739-2155 to speak to a friendly staff member.

In the meantime, consider adding a few resolutions to your New Year’s list to help boost your immune system and save you time and money for future treatment that could have been prevented. Unlike “lose weight” and “eat more fruit and veggies,” the resolutions below are easy to keep.

  • Resolution #1: I’ll brush my teeth twice a day, at least two minutes each time. (Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste. Use a circular, sweeping motion and avoid pressing down too hard. If your bristles start to flay out, you’re using too much pressure and are actually being less efficient. Swish thoroughly after, at least twice.) Need help? Check out: Flossing Made Simple
  • Resolution #2: I’ll floss daily. (People who are already in this habit tell me they CAN’T go without flossing each day. Flossing can give you a finished feeling and is an important step in keeping oral bacteria to minimal levels.)
  • Resolution #3: I’ll drink more water. (Your mouth requires a certain level of moisture to support sufficient saliva flow. There are many things that can dry out a mouth, however. These include caffeine, alcohol, many medications, and smoking in any form. Keep a bottle or glass of unflavored water nearby during the day and take sips and gulps as often as possible. You’ll be doing your oral health – and OVERALL health – a favor!)
  • Resolution #4: I’ll be committed to my 6-month check-ups and cleanings. (When a budget is tight and time is as well, cancelling dental visits should be the last thing you think about. These visits allow us to remove the buildup on teeth so you can avoid cavities, development of gum disease, and tend to small things before they become big ones. One of the saddest things I do is have to remove a tooth that could have been easily saved had a crown been placed when the signs were first noted. A lost tooth leads to having to make an investment of time and money that is far beyond a simple crown.)

What could be easier than 1-2-3-4? Remember, it takes only 3 weeks to form a habit and, once you’re in the habit of giving your smile the care it needs (and deserves!), you’ll reap the rewards of fresh breath, a bright smile, improved health, and greater potential to avoid problems in the future.

We invite you to begin the new year with a consultation to get to know us – at no charge! Call 586-739-2155 or tap here to begin.

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