Not All Crowns Are Created Equal!

added on: October 19, 2011

We occasionally get calls from people asking, “How much do you charge for a crown?”

This is similar to calling a shoe store and asking, “How much are a pair of shoes?” Like shoes, this question is too complicated to answer with a figure, since crowns can vary greatly in quality, size and complexity.

In our office, we have advanced training to provide restorations that fit superbly on treated teeth while aligning perfectly with adjacent teeth, ensuring a healthy bite. In addition to the look, feel and function of your crown is the longevity. An inexpensive crown may save you some money up front, but eventually, you’ll understand why it was so cheap. Crowns are constructed of materials that must able to withstand years of heavy-duty wear and tear. The less-expensive ones are made of less-expensive materials. Thus, they tend to wear down sooner from cracks, fractures and breaks.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Crowns are no exception. We are proud of the beautiful, quality smiles we create.

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