Oral Bacteria As Destructive As Termites

added on: March 24, 2014

It is unlawful to knowingly sell a home that has termites. That’s how destructive these little creatures are to the structure of a home. When a homeowner learns they have termites, immediate measures are taken to combat these demons and repair the damage they’ve caused thus far.

Oral bacteria, which are living and breeding ‘bugs,’ are no less destructive than termites. They reproduce rapidly and spend their lives feeding on the structure in your mouth. Oral bacteria begin by eating away at gum tissue and tooth surfaces. As they continue to multiply, they destroy bone structure below the gum line.

And, their destruction can get even worse. When oral bacteria enters the blood stream through diseased gum tissues, an inflammatory reaction can be triggered elsewhere in the body. Research has linked oral bacteria to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, preterm babies, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and impotency.

Unlike the home in which you reside, your body is the most valuable structure you’ll ever possess. When you think of oral bacteria as they truly are – like termites in the mouth – your oral health will have a more prominent part in your overall health commitment.

If you have signs of gum disease, oral bacteria is already well underway. Symptoms include gums that bleed when brushing, persistent bad breath and tender or receded gums. Delaying treatment only allows these oral ‘bugs’ to multiply and cause further damage. Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles for a free consultation so we can discuss your stage of gum disease and treatment needed.

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