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added on: December 3, 2009

Approximately 36 million women in the United States are in the postmenopausal phase of life. Estrogen deprivation from menopause increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and oral disease.

While hormone replacement therapy is often prescribed by physicians to alleviate symptoms associated with estrogen deficiency, replacing estrogen (or estrogen and progestin) also helps to prevent some of the chronic illnesses common to postmenopausal women.Oral health repercussions of women who are postmenopausal may include a reduction of saliva, increased dental caries, taste alterations, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Studies show that hormone replacement therapy is effective in inhibiting gingival inflammation, periodontitis and the consequent loss of teeth.

While your oral health is our emphasis, your overall health is also a concern.

“Maintaining oral health correlates to one’s overall state of health,” states Dr. Barbat. “We strongly advise our patients to ensure their oral and physical well-being are working in unison.” If you have questions about your oral health at any age, Dr. Barbat and her staff at her Metro Detroit Cosmetic Dental Office are happy to make printed materials available for your review.

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