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added on: December 2, 2009

What Is The Best Toothbrush to have?

These days, toothbrushes come in many shapes and sizes.Some have angled heads, raised bristles, and handles that change colors with use. While each claims superiority, there is no evidence that one is etter than another. Most important is that you brush long enough to thoroughly remove cavity-causing bacteria. Although most brush for less than a minute, brushing two to three minutes is advised.What Is The Best Choice Of A Toothbrush?The toothbrush head should be approximately one-inch long and a half-inch wide for easy access to all areas. Our preference is soft nylon bristles with rounded ends.Should I Use An Electric Toothbrush?Electric toothbrushes cover tooth surfaces faster using bristles that stimulate gums as they clean teeth. These are particularly helpful for those with limited manual dexterity as well as those in orthodontic treatment. Use light force and slow movements as the bristle action does the work. Be sure to supervise children under 10 who use electric toothbrushes.How Often Should I Change My Toothbrush?Toothbrushes are less effective once the bristles become splayed and frayed. Too, toothbrushes used longer than three to four months may harbor the bacteria that contribute to gum disease. If you have had an illness, replace your toothbrush at the onset and again when you are well.

How Do I Brush?

With the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle, gently rub back-and-forth. Brush outside the teeth, then inside, giving particular attention to chewing surfaces, between teeth, and the surface of the ongue. Brush at least twice a day and floss daily to maintain good oral health between your hygiene visits.At our Metro Detroit Cosmetic Dental office we want to make sure our patients know the best way to keep a healthy smile.

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