Overcoming Dental Fears While Achieving A Confident Smile

added on: May 30, 2012

It’s not unusual to sit down in our Consultation Room with a prospective patient who has a mouthful of problems that have resulted from their dental fears. They may have a denture or partial they detest, but a deep-seated fear has prevented them from seeking an alternative.

During our conversation, I like the individual to share their smile goals. To achieve this, I explain the type of treatment that will be required. I then discuss the comfort options that will enable them to have the necessary care that will create the healthy, confident smile they desire.

However, a conversation isn’t always sufficient reassurance for everyone that their treatment will be pain-free and totally comfortable throughout. Just climbing into the dental chair is difficult for some people with high dental anxiety. For these, we can begin with a small procedure, such as a cleaning combined with oral sedation, if needed.

Others need time to think about our recommendations, while some are ready to begin without delay. Regardless, each person and the pace they are comfortable with is dictated by the patient – not us. We respect a patient’s wishes to move slowly, or forge ahead in treatment with sedation involved.

Dental fear causes a vicious cycle, especially for those with such high fear that they have avoided dental visits for years. Regardless of how diligent they are with oral hygiene at home, problems eventually arise without professional cleanings on a regular basis. Once plaque forms, a cavity begins or gum disease is present, no amount of home care can ‘fix’ the problem.

Rather than focus on your dental fears, come in and let’s discuss that ideal smile you want so much! Then, I’ll explain all the ways we can help you achieve that smile while you are comfortable, relaxed and pain-free. From there, we can stage your care at a pace you’re comfortable with and put things into motion when you’re ready.

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