Parents – Help To Keep Dental Expenses For Children Manageable

added on: August 28, 2013

Occasionally, we have a child, pre-teen or teenager who comes for their appointment and has a mouthful of cavities. Although the parent is, naturally, worried about all the procedures required for their child to repair the decayed areas and prevent further problems, they are also concerned with how they’ll manage adding these expenses into their (often already-strained) budgets.

Raising children today is expensive. They seem to grow out of clothes as soon as they’re worn once, school costs, athletic participation, day care or babysitting, all take a toll on pay checks. Yet, it’s the unexpected expenses like a mouthful of cavities that seem to add the greatest burdens.

Although we offer several financial options (no down payment and interest free) for many treatments, the ideal way to protect your dollars is prevention. It’s actually easier than you may think! Here are simple guidelines that you and your entire family should agree to follow. You’ll find that the surprises at our offices become words of praise for a job well-done!

• Without fail, each family member should brush with a fluoride toothpaste 2-3 minutes at least 2 times a day. Mid-day (perhaps after lunch), swish with water or chew sugarless gum.

• If the parents floss each evening, the kids can join in. If you aren’t very good at flossing, ask our Hygienists to give you a lesson. After a week, you’ll be comfortable at it and so will your children! For people who are in the habit of flossing daily, to NOT floss becomes bothersome.

• Remind your children that every time they eat or drink, an acid attack begins in their mouth. This damages their teeth. It’s wise to limit the number of times they eat during the day as well as what they eat. Sugary foods have the most harmful effect. Encourage snacks such as raw almonds and celery sticks. Don’t stock up on colas or sugary juice. Your children will benefit by drinking lots of water, milk and eating fresh fruits rather than drinking the juice. The fiber is great for their digestive systems and more filling, too.

• Keep those 6-month Dental Check-ups & Cleaning Appointments. When money is tight, there is a tendency to cut out things that can be put off. Dental hygiene visits are not one of them. These visits enable us to remove any plaque and hard tartar build-up before it eats into the tooth’s enamel and creates a cavity. Too, we can often catch small “at risk” areas to tend to between appointments so you avoid further damage. These visits are designed to help save you time and money in future problems. Be committed to them.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable, pleasant environment for your entire family for smiles that last a lifetime. Feel free to call any of our staff member to ask how we can assist you with optimizing your dental dollars.

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