Pregnant? Trying To Conceive? Healthy Gums Make A Difference!

added on: August 9, 2011

It has long been known that the inflammation of gum disease can become bloodborne through tears in the gum tissue. Studies have shown this plays a major role in coronary artery disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and preterm low birth weight babies as well as miscarriage.

A recent study conducted by Professor Roger Hart, University of Western Australia’s Professor of Reproductive Medicine and Medical Director of Fertility Specialists in Western Australia, has shown that gum disease also makes conception more difficult.
The findings, published in Medical News Today, explained that women with gum disease took longer to conceive than those without. While being over the age of 35, being overweight or smoking are negative influences, periodontal disease can now be counted as a factor as well.

The study included over 3,400 participants, all with some form of gum disease. It found no connection between the socio-economic status of the women and the time it took them to get pregnant.

The overall health affects of gum disease are especially troubling when gum disease can be easily prevented with daily brushing and flossing. However, since symptoms are ‘silent’ when gum disease begins, some patients delay or ignore treatment recommendations. This is unfortunate, since most early stage gum disease is easy to treat and requires a minimal investment of time and expense.

When patients delay care, latter stage gum disease requires more involved therapy. Symptoms are typically obvious by this time, including persistent bad breath, tender gums that are red rather than a healthy pink and swollen areas around teeth.

Whether you are pregnant now or trying to become pregnant, a periodontal examination, and treatment if necessary, will increase your chances for a healthy start for you both.

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