Smoking Bans On Beaches? Another reason to quit!

added on: March 8, 2012

If passed, a smoking ban on North Carolina’s Wrightsville Beach will make it the first North Carolina beach with such a ban and joining South Carolina neighbors Atlantic Beach and Surfside Beach.

Chances of passing seem favorable and may be signs of a trend to come. The first beach smoking ban was in Hanauma Bay Beach, Hawaii, in 1993, followed by Solana Beach, California in 2003. The entire state of Maine now prohibits smoking on beaches.

For beachgoers who smoke, this presents another reason to just drop the habit altogether. In addition to the well-known health hazards of cigarette smoking, those who smoke have a higher risk of periodontal (gum) disease. Additionally, they can expect a longer healing time for dental procedures that involve gum tissue, which creates a higher risk for complications afterwards.

Want to quit? The Centers For Disease Control lists a wide selection of online government sources to help you kick the habit. ( Make your time on the beach a time of smiling and without interference of this addictive urge.

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