Solution For Those Who Thought They Couldn’t Have Dental Implants Due To Not Having Enough Bone

added on: July 11, 2011

One of the requirements for successful dental implant treatment is having sufficient bone mass to support the implanted portion. Since the jaw bone serves to hold the implant just as it does a natural tooth root, the dental implant must have adequate width and depth for the bone to grow around to secure it in place.

Bone loss occurs when people have been missing natural teeth for a lengthy period. The pressure of wearing dentures actually accelerates the pace of bone loss. For those who sleep in their dentures, this becomes a 24/7 process.

A fairly recent implant system is getting rave reviews and works fabulously for those who’ve even experienced severe bone loss. The All-On-4 implant uses unique angles that distribute the load so only 4 implants are needed to support a full arch of teeth. The teeth can also be attached at the same time as the implants, so you’ll never be without your smile!

Another bonus of the All-On-4 system is their affordability. Because dental implant treatment is based largely on the number of implants placed, this keeps the cost to a minimum while preserving the patient’s goals for dependable chewing stability and comfort.

If you’re interested in dental implants but have been told you don’t have enough bone to support them, please call us at (586) 739-2155 and request a free consultation. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and explain the procedure, all in the comfort of a private consultation room.

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